[ANN] The Kontik Research Front!

I kid ye not.

Okay, a lot... a few of you are probably going to be wondering what the hell has happened to the Kontik Research Front since bomb put a well-deserved end to this incident. What it probably looked like to you guys was that the reputation of the Kontik Research Front was damaged, in quite a large amount, and it looked like the board would be phpBB, and hosted on Matt's site.

Now, the end result, as you've probably guessed by the fact I'm posting it, is considerably different. A few of you already know (Aside from the obvious ones, Pace, kitkut, some of the Genesis team), but unfortunately, the Genesis Team have held off EV: Genesis until Summer. DarthBob officially handed the Kontik Research Front over to me, both the rights to it and it's name, permanently. I've put a copyright on it, just to be sure.

Unfortunately, I'm yet to have purchased a domain name for the Kontik Research Front, so we're stuck with http://s4.invisionfree.com/kontik/ until we can buy something better.

Now, it is Invision Power Board, just like these boards, which means that it's a different system. I think it's a better board in general, although prophile is right when he says that we can't really code for it, since I don't know enough about anything code-related, and his specialty is php. This also means that we couldn't transfer the old topics across from the php boards.

So, old members and new members, make way for the new and improved (I hope) Kontik Research Front, now under new management. There are a few topics already in existance, please read them, since some contain important information.

In regards to the plug-in teams, yes, they're all still there (Arpia, Arpia 2, Project Inferno and NovaKids), obviously Genesis isn't, but come Summer, I'm guessing they'll want to return to the KRF, at which point I'd be happy to give them their own boards.

So, without further crap, I give you The Kontik Research Front!

Have fun with it.

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Glad to see you guys are up and running again.

I love the skin, too. Very nice work. 🙂

Thanks very much. It took a lot of work, and e-mails to Jakob Persson, Solaris creator.

Until we can afford a proper domain, with a proper website, not just boards, I've registered http://www.kontik.net.tc/

It just redirects to http://s4.invisionfree.com/kontik/, so you can either use http://www.kontik.net.tc/ or http://s4.invisionfree.com/kontik/. Your choice. Kontik.net.tc will be the officially used URL, and yes, it has no pop-ups. At least I and general11 don't get any.

We'll get a favicon shortly.

I see no popups either.

Oh, and I too like the skin. Looks great!

Thank you.

Thanks 😉

Steelix rules the KRF with an Iron Fist. Spammers, beware >:)

I'm wondering if the Stargate TC and the other projects that had joined shortly before the closing(s) will be re-added? Has anyone gotten in touch with the team members of those projects?

I am am member of the Stargate TC and I would like for us to be added back on the board.

Is there a Genesis part to the web board?