Ok, this may have been said, but I'd really like to know.
Does anyone use Carrara?
If so can anyone direct me to tutorials for it? I got it yesterday and have managed to screw around with it's particle emitter.
For all those that use strata, any tutorials?, It's a bit harder than Infini-D 3.0 and I'm stumped, entirely.
Thanks all.

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(url="http://"")StrataCafe(/url) is pretty much the place to go for everything Strata. There's a lot of good resources as well as downloads. Don't know about Carrara.

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I use Carrara for all 3D graphics I do. It is awesome. It is relatively easy to use (just experiment by dragging and dropping things) so I have not looked at many tutorials, but there should be at least some at the company's website, (url="http://"")

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Well, (url="http://"")Stratacafe(/url) (as has been said is the place to go for all things Strata), but it has very few tutorials on it. For Strata tutorials there is the (url="http://"")Strata Tutorials site(/url) and the new site opened by the guy that made Stratacafe, (url="http://"")

I keep meaning to make more tutorials to go with (url="http://"")ones I have already done(/url), but Im a busy person so I dont know when they might be done. I will knock up a quick rendering tutorial later today, and upload it when I get back to Uni (Im home for a few weeks). After that I will probably do "Manipulating Primatives", then "Besier Surfaces", then "Lathes and Extrudes"... you get the drift 😛 The last one done will definitely have to be texturing - thats a biggy in Strata 😉


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Can anyone tell me where to get a demo version of Strata? Im not exactly rich, so i like to use the demo before buying anything.....
If anyone wants to see infini-d 4.0 demo go here: (url="http://"")http://icm.allmacint...iew/206459.html(/url)

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Originally posted by Curufinwe_Fכanor:
Can anyone tell me where to get a demo version of Strata?

Click on Downloads under Strata Stuff in (url="http://"")Ewan's Lair(/url).

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Yay! Other people here use Carrara!
I use it for all my modelling, since Ray Dream 3D stopped working on OSX. I've basically taught myself most things by wanting to model something and then figuring out the way to do it, gradually figuring out the various techniques available. I found a community of Carrara users, and it seems pretty active, but I don't know much about them: (url="http://"") You could probably get tips there, or do some searching.
One thing I've never figured out is how to make holes in Carrara. You can in the metaball modeller, but can one make an inset panel without planning around it ahead of time?

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Thanks jules, but right now is down, so Ican't get your tutorials :frown:
I imported a DXF's of a ship I did in Infini-D, and have started texturing it, only so-so at the moment, but it's one massive bit of a ship. I also imported it into carrara but then decided it's crap, cause it's only the demo (can't save) I took some some screen shots of them and will put them on my website here: (url="http://"") but, seeing it's, as I said it's down. But i'll try to get it done as soon as possible.
Thanks all.
Oh, I tried downloading a model from stratacafe but it says I need a 'Coons Patch' to open it in strata.
Any help?

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Originally posted by MadFax7:
**Click on Downloads under Strata Stuff in Ewan's Lair.


ok downloaded it, asks for registration number... what do i do?


Download the 'Strata Resources' and just do what it says, I did this the other day, and silently praised jules, however I'll praise him now.

Jules, You are Wררtish!!

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