Helpful tips for the budding EV developer

OK, since it appears that there are a buch of new developers around here, I'm making a few tips worth noting. People can add to this list, if they want to.

Dev board tips--
#1: Don't use AOLspeak, (u r so dum lol) as it is difficult to read.
#2: The search feature is located under the new topic button. Use that before asking a question
#3: State your version of EV. Nowadays, people asume you're talking about EVN. Set them straight when this is not the case.

EV/O/N Dev tips--
#1: In EV/O/N, zero is counted as a number. This confused me for a while. so 128 = 0.
#2: There are multiple EV editors out there other then ResEdit. (url="http://"")Mission Computer(/url), for EV and EVO, Shmelta-V, for EV, and (url="http://"")NovaTools(/url), for EVN. The upcoming editor (url="http://"")EVONE(/url), for all three, will be released in a few months, but it won't be free. Note I didn't mention EV-Edit, as it is unrecomended by most of the old fogies around here.

That's all I can think of right now. I'll post more later.

Edit: Links! ERG!
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I would like to add that (at least for Nova) one must often double-check the Bible to find the specifics of what you are looking for- I have often not found the specific information untill the seventh or eigth time that I looked. But it definately was in there, and just now I see a few topics out there that could probably be solved by a careful re-reading of the bible (I'm not an expert though, no execution squads please!)


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Until I submit it to the Nova Add-ons page.

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I don't know if this is related or not, but do you think the "Read the web board guidelines" should ought to be emphasized more? Like make the text red or something? Anything that will grab the noobie's attention before they decide to post something.

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