Can't land on Pax to rescue the defector.

How do I kill so many enemy? I only have the frieghter-Coururi.

I have tried from all different directions. Staying far away and killing them one by one, but they still come after me altogether. It doesn't take too many hits to explode me. Any ideas?

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  2. Run away, they will follow you, then you can circle around and land.


A freight-courier will do fine. You don't need to kill the fleet, landing on the station is the only objective.

I usually take an escort, tell it to stay at one end of the system, and well the voinians chase it, i go way around them and land on the planet. at this stage in the game, 2 voinian missles will kill me.

freight courier?!?!?! I usually do it in a scoutship/shutte (before I can afford a freight courier...)

Cargo transporter. It's cheap and fast enough to pace the fighters.

Don't bother killing stuff. Just rush straight to the station, and land. Then, blast off and high-tail it back to UE space. A freight Courior should be more than enough to get the job done.

I usually go in a scoutship, and even shuttle

Manuverability is the key. as long as you can outrun Vonian heavy fighters ur ok.

I never bothererd destroying anything, I just tried to land, and then jump. Though in my forklift game, I ran away, spewing forklifts everywhere whille pressing tab over and over.

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"Coururi". I love it!

thats my reccomendation too. Load up on hunters, and get all the radar upgrades....
Then you have an easy task-
wait on the edge of the system (The very edge).
When fighters begin approaching (on the color radar) begin launching hunters in their direction- make sure you point your ship at them.
The fighters will usually get destroyed fairly easily- when the frigates begin catching up, circle around like everyone said. The hard part will be getting off the station alive- I would recommend getting some cheap escorts (like kraits) and getting them to hold their position- if they dont fire on the voinians, the voinians will ignore them- but when you take off from pax, they will take some of the damage for you.

Don't forget, afterburners help too when it's time to blast the heck out of Dodge with the defector on board your ship.

I did this mission in a scoutship. Afterburners, basic geometry and a bit of patience are your friends.

Grave-dig much?

Yes. I started playing the game for the first time last week, and I've been enjoying reading through this board on my lunch breaks.

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