Override Intro Theme

Been trying to track it down for almost 20 minutes now!

Greetings, folks.

So on a whim I decided I'd find the Override intro music information. Problem is, I can't find any. I can find Classic's and Nova's, but it seems like Override's never existed as far as Google is concerned. Not knowing where else to go, I return to ye olde forum.

Does anybody know the title, author, or anything? Perhaps even some place where the song itself might be obtained?

I obtained it... somehow... though I can't seem to remember where I got it. Neither the name nor author come to mind. All I know is it's in my iTunes library under the name 'EVO Full Theme'. I'd post a download link here, but I'm not sure how legal that would be.

‘Larry's Orchestral Adventure’ by Larry Wolff. It’s still listed at killertracks.com, but I can’t make their player work at the moment.

I still prefer the Classic theme over that of the other two. Although the Nova Theme is more evil sounding.

I agree on preferring classic. Nova's was the most recognisable but I thought far too long for a game intro theme. I mean okay back in the day it did take my LCIII 5 minutes to load Override, but that's just not quite the same :).

Better still was the Frozen Heart theme!

For future reference, the theme to the original Escape Velocity is called ‘Face of the Enemy’, also by Larry Wolff; and in EV Nova it’s ‘Mars, the Bringer of War’, the first movement to The Planets by Gustav Holst.