how many major storylines are there

is there only UE and voinian endgame storylines?

Hmm, let's see... there's Voinian, UE, Renegades, Crescent Renegades, Emalgha, Hinwar, Zidagar, Azdgari, Igadzra... I think that's all. That makes nine, though the Emalgha and Hinwar strings are technically parts of the UE string, so I guess that means seven. Still a lot.

** Edit:** Oh, and I forgot the Zachit and Miranu strings. By Zachit, I mean the 'war' against the North Tip Renegades, and by Miranu, there's the intro to their trading guild and the exploration of both nebulae. So that makes either nine or eleven, depending on how you count it.

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is there a website or something that tells you how to start each string

There certainly used to be some better looking ones but a simple Google search turns up wherein you can search for the race name to find how to start things, I guess.

I so need to play EVO again. It has been years. Even longer than last time I said I so need to play again. Probably because I didn't then....

i didnt think it was possible to do all the strand story lines with one pilot is it?

Not all, no. You can, however, do the Zidagar and Igadzra strings together if you play you cards right. I'm not entirely sure how to do it, though, so don't ask me. Hopefully someone else will come along and explain it.

Zidagar/Igadzra isn't too bad - just pick up the I delivery from Kitrak then head to Pozdag and complete the Z defence mission and pick up the follow-on, then head over to Igadzra.

If I recall, the Z defence mission gives you 21 days, and the I delivery about 6 weeks - just long enough to make it possible to do Igadzra and Azdgari together as well, if you use fuel scoops and just don't land at all between Kitrak and Akhrayek ... it's pretty tight.

The Z defence mission would need to allow something like 42 more days to make it possible to do all 3 at once. Good times, the arguments about that :).

QUOTE (DarthKev @ May 25 2010, 12:01 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>

Not all, no. You can, however, do the Zidagar and Igadzra strings together if you play you cards right.

Well if you ever completed the Zidagar string, and you intend to play at least more than one string, simultaneously or not, then you know you have to complete the Zidagar string before all others.

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