The easiest port to dominate.

Poll: The easiest port to dominate. (13 member(s) have cast votes)
Which Spaceport gives you the least trouble when invading?
Outpost Topel
(8 votes [61.54%])
Percentage of vote: 61.54%
(0 votes [0.00%])
Percentage of vote: 0.00%
(2 votes [15.38%])
Percentage of vote: 15.38%
(1 votes [7.69%])
Percentage of vote: 7.69%
(0 votes [0.00%])
Percentage of vote: 0.00%
(0 votes [0.00%])
Percentage of vote: 0.00%
(2 votes [15.38%])
Percentage of vote: 15.38%
(0 votes [0.00%])
Percentage of vote: 0.00%

I must say Outpost Topel, but I'm probably overlooking somewhere. Also, this is under normal circumstances that it would be attacked.

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1. Yes, make this a poll.

2. I agree, Outpost Topel only has Human civy ships defending it, not even Crescent civy or anything. What were those Voinians thinking?

3. Good show bringing some life back to this board! 🙂

Naturally, suggestions are necessary for choices, most places I haven't actually pissed off.

Add Earth, the rest of the Emalgha worlds, and Freeport.

wow... Freeport! Nothing but Kraits...

Meria is definitely the port (compared to other ports) that is easiest for me to dominate.

Council Station is probably the port that is easiest for me (compared to other players) to dominate, considering that I have in fact captured it in the original EVO without any sort of plug-ins or modifications to the stock game.

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I don't doubt that bit about Council Station, Qaanol, but where is Meria?


What's the defense fleet there?

Human Militia forces. Basically Kraits and Helians, small time stuff.

Close, but check those data files again.

I don't know what you're looking at, Qaanol, but my files still show Kraits and Helians, nothing else. The düde resources even calls itself 'Militia.' It's düde #145, the same resources that spöb #318, Meria, says it uses. The Militia düde says it uses shïp resources #141 and 143, nothing else. Those are Kraits and Helians.

I'm looking at Guy's port. So either Guy made a mistake when making the port (unlikely) or you've made a mistake in your research (also unlikely). Which is it?

You have the düde right, but you're still not describing the defense fleet correctly. If you can't see it from the data files, try dominating Meria in-game and find out.

Well, Qaanol, I dominated it. Only one ship, strange. But it was indeed Militia ships, Helians and Kraits only. You sure you're thinking of the right planet? I did notice the ships didn't have the Militia IFF tag, but that's only because the planet Meria doesn't have a government to give its ships. A düde resource does not need to have a matching government for it to be used with a planet. You could make a düde resource that gives the ships in it a government of Federation and use that same düde resource as the defense fleet for an Auroran planet and all the ships will have an Auroran IFF tag.

Essentially, I was right, it's Militia ships. 😉

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Very good. The defense fleet of Meria in the Sumer system is either exactly one Krait, or exactly one Helian.

That's the point you wanted to prove? That's it? Do you have a bone to pick with me or something?

I think you're a cool guy, and I have no bone to pick. Meria has by far the weakest defense fleet in all of EVO. That was the reason I mentioned it in the first place. There are two components to that weakness: defense fleet type and size. Just specifying the type didn't distinguish it from several other worlds with similar fleet compositions.

QUOTE (Qaanol @ Feb 19 2010, 09:03 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>

I think you're a cool guy...


That's a first.

Back on topic, I see your point now. I had neglected to look at how many ships Meria had through Mission Computer, expecting it to be the same as every other planet, like in EVN. All planets have around the same number of ships, Earth and maybe a few others being the only exceptions.

Wow. Something happened on the board here in the last few months!

Good fun discussion guys, I was never much of a one for dominating planets myself; I always looked at it as not very nice morally, rather than looking at it as a good challenge. I knew of Outpost Topel's weakness but that of Sumer surprises me. That place was going to be the focus of the only plugin that I ever even thought of; I would have seen to it that they got some better defence.

Not that a Krait is in any way weak, as we all well know ;).

If you want to talk morals, dominating Voinian worlds could be considered a matter of defending Humanity. If you destroy all of their warships and take away their ability to build more, the Human Race is no longer in danger of Voinian rule. Of course, no matter how many planets you dominate, unless you put in some bits, missions, and maybe a crön or two using plug-ins, Voinian warships will continue to roam the spacelanes. Still, you can imagine you're destroying the Voinian War Machine. 😉

Also, dominating renegade worlds decreases piracy in your imagination.

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