Crescent Station in Beyond the Crescent

How can i possibly beat this thing. I tried it in a UE Cruiser, with both armors and 4 shield upgrades, phase turrets and hunters, and 6 Igazras and Crescent warships for an escort and couldn't get it below 50%. The shield recharge on it is incredible. Anyone have any tips to defeat it?


You're not alone. This is the only battle in a (well-written) plug (don't even get me started about UND!) that I haven't been able to beat without cheating. It's just too strong and too well-armed. If anyone has any tips, please share them; I'd love to know just what on earth you did.



I agree with you about UND. I tried that one too. That battle was ridiculous. I was able to kill one of those warships and my escorts got a second, that was it. As for the Crescent station, I went back and tried it using the forklift. It won't home in on it. It actually goes the wrong way.


the only way i could destroy those damn things was to barrel in at them flank speed, fire the forklift when i just crossed the ship, and run like hell before i got fried. repeat as necessary.

it's intensely brutal, but it works. it just takes forever.

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Use the ship from the Galaxy Class Override plug. It's beam can dish out the nescessary punishmeent and it can take some too. It's still tricky though.

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I figured out a way to beat the station, albeit with the forklift. In my earlier post i said that it wouldn't home in. It turns out that that isn't completely true. if you hold down the autopilot kewy (a) then the forklift will still home. However, most of them will still miss unless you are stationary. The best thing to do is destroy all the ships it launches. Stop just out of range, hold a and start launching forklifts.


Things like that really piss me off. Impossible battles suck but if your really really really stuck just open the plug with ev edit and change all the ships to shuttle craft.

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Am I missing something?

I beat that thing in a Crescent fighter. <shrugs>

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