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I hear a lot of people talking about crassworms ans the crassworm trading routes and such. From this, I assume some of you use crassworms for money. Here's some advice: Don't. If you want money, I got perhaps the ultimate Get-Rich-Quick Scheme.

  1. Obtain a Freighter. They suck, but you won't bei n danger for this.
  2. Obtian 6 Freighter Escorts, giving you 1120 Tons of cargo space.
  3. Go to Atlantic Station in the Liat System
  4. Buy 1120 Tons of Fertilizer. Make sure you can pay your escorts for two jumps however. This means when you start this you should have around 500,000 credits or so.
  5. Go to Alpha/First Centauri
  6. Sell Fertilizer.
  7. Lather, and repeat.

The profit out of this isn't too bad, I do this whenever I start a new pilot. From each cargo run, I think you get around 150,000 credits of profit. Not too shabby.

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Good, but why use Frieghters? Get yourself a fleet of Miranu Heavy Frieghters (also use one for your ship) then trade, and watch the credits role in.

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I've always quite liked the Duios-Tibidat run with luxury goods and equipment, plus of course the chance to kill the odd renegade, and get missions to defend and hunt renegades, and feel you're making a difference, sort of :).


Nice way to make money. Good job!

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Carnotaur, Miranu Heavy Freighters would be good, but, personally, I use this technique when I first start out. And when I start out, I'm usually not willing to travel to the crescent right away. Besides, Freighters are cheap to buy, and cheap to hire. 🙂

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- UE Naval 238th Squadron
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Those are ok startegies, but they leave out much excitment cause your just going from one system to another at rather slow speeds. To get a good cash flow and a good amount of fun, get the cloaking device (on a minaru courier or above) and run missions obtained from spaceport bars, or rare foreign missions in the mission computers, to enemy planets and other rather foreign ones. It also helps by landing on hostile planets and picking up merchandise you normally wouldn't get anywhere else with the 75,000-100,000 price packages.

(I'm sorry, this may be amatur advice, this is my first post on this forum. Also, sorry for my typing, bad headache.)

That is a good strategy, Beefpile! Another good easy to get money is to go south UE Space, and hunt down rengades. Disable them, then take their money. With this strategy, I got 70,000+ Credits in one system!

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When I'm in a good mood, I'll just run some basic missions in Miranu space -- the pay is pretty decent, the risk minimum. When I'm in more of a fightin' spirit, I'll do some cargo runs for Frontier Express or I'll prowl along the North od South tips looking for rebels or bounty huntimg missions. Occasionally, I'll just park in Chorca and steal from the rebels that pass through. Easy money, either way.

Geek out.

Keep in mind, DeadMan and Warbeast, that this strategy should be done at the beinning of the game. I know it's boring, but personally, I wouldn't want to fight even a Krait in a shuttlecraft, or go to the Frontier in a shuttlecraft. Once I get around 2 Million credits, I stop and go over to the Crescent and buy me an Arada. THEN I do all the risks, battles and so on. 🙂

- Captain Stud Beefpile
- UE Naval 238th Squadron
- Azdgari Squadron "Firebird" Leader

Wow! I didn't know we EV players found such similar tactics and tricks of trade. 🙂
Like Beefpile said; tactics used in the beginning (when you ship is a shuttle craft).
I do the same: buy a freighter for myself and higher six freighter escorts. However, I use what I call (umm . . . lemme think of a name) the Alulivamo (Aludra Liat Valos Molos) diamond run. As the name implies, you keep cycling through these for systems (free of any threats :D), buying luxury goods on New Tokyo, selling them on Paaren, buying medical goods on Paaren, and selling them on New Calcutta. I don't remember exactly how much money this made per run, but it was a lot. I'll tell you once I've checked.

Also. I gradually built up the fleet of escorts and enough credits to fill their hulls ,using the Alulivamo diamond run as a source of income, instead of building up tons of credits using the shuttle craft.

Once I've built up around 4.0 million credits (enough for my Arada, an engine upgrade and a few other necessities), I head to the Crescent for my new ship. The route to the Crescent is safe. You can do it in your freighter.

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I don't use Miranu heavy freighters because they cost a lot to hire. Consequently it costs a lot to pay them after each takeoff or each jump. If you're not careful, they'll desert you before you get them back to your profitable, cyclic route in UE space.

By the time I would have enough money to hire six Miranu HFs and bring them so far south, I probably wouldn't be in the cargo business anymore.

One other thought: it is seldom worthwhile doing a UE mission, unless it starts in the bar. Contact the Miranu (qv) and then get yourself over to Blaga. An urgent mission for our Miranu friends pays four times as much as the best UE missions. Sure, the distances may be longer, but this is at a stage in the game when you should be glad of an expenses-paid trip to expand your star map.

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Heres a kinda cheeters way (without really cheating). Get an azdara (the small fast one) and hire 6 miranu heavy freighters as escorts and do the missers ruin. Your ship is that fast that you can get to the other planet before the renagades get to the freighters and when you land the frighters are there too.

A nice easy way to make LOADS of money


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by Miyun
I'll tell you once I've checked.

I'm not sure if anyone's still checking this topic, but the profit for one run of the Alulivamo Diamond is 390,000 credits. I'd say that's pretty nice.

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