ModVals for ECMs are wacked!

According to the EVO 1.0.2 bible, when the ModType is and ECM system the MadVal has kind of a flag for jamming so if you wanted week type I in the case of the needle jammer it would look like this: $0001 Well if you look in the resource it looks like this: 16 Does anyone have any idea what's going on with this?

For some reason the Miranu ECm system was given static removal for ModType 2 with a ModVal of 10. This seems pointless to me if it doesn't reduce the effect of static on the weapons that you shoot since the NPD and sensor upgrade pretty well take out all the interference anywhere except the nedulae. Of course that was probably in the change list and I missed it...

My homing projectile fixerupper is coming along nicely except for that dilemma with the ModVals. If anyone care for this information, I've discovered some things about what types jamming missles are susceptible to.

Needle = Type I
Pursuit = Type II
SADs and SAEs = Type III

SADs can be jammed 100%, SAEs 50%, needles 100%, and pursuit 50%.

- Lone "Darn, its not in the spellchecker!" Igadzra