Glenn Matthews... Secession Help!

Hey... I do have to say that I really like your plugin. One little constructive criticism is that it could use some hard missions... aka: make the Council attack harder... my UE Cruisor with three escorts killed the council ships with ease.

Ok... what I need help on is where to go after beating the council. Where does the next part of the mission string pick up (or is that the end of it???). And what else happens with F-25? I've already completed the string to build it, but that's it. Help!!!



Sorry to say it, but beating the Council's enforcers is the end of the plug. Glad to hear you liked it. Actually, I had made that last battle harder originally; I eased up because I wanted it to be clear that the CC had become a true force to be reckoned with (ie, they hardly even need your help any more).

I'd always like to hear constructive criticism, though. What other missions seemed too easy? (Please e-mail me, if you would.)

What happens with F-25 and what happens to the CC is up to you to determine, just like in EVO itself with the Strand War and the Voinians. I've just attempted to extend a few plotlines, not bring about the end of the universe. 😉 Sorry!

Glenn Matthews

--Top Secret--
-What REALLY happens next-
If you really must know, what happens next with F-25 is that the Miranu continue to happily colonize the area. Meanwhile, down in the Proxima, the exiled renegades tinker with the NPD and manage to enter the region beyond the nebula. There, they encounter a superpowerful alien race who controls the space all around the known universe.

(These guys once attempted to invade through the eastern Crescent, but the fledgeling Council beat them back and sealed their entrance. That's what Crescent Station is there for. 🙂 )

Since then, the aliens have grown more powerful and more cunning. Forming an "alliance" with the renegades, they manage to acquire the secret of the NPD. Alien warships scream through the Proxima Nebula, utterly obliterating the renegades. The CC, barely warned in time, is able only to slow the invaders long enough to evacuate all nearby worlds.

The scattered CC leaders approach the Council, the UE, the Miranu, and even the Voinians for help. Recognizing the tremendous danger, the various races band together, and develop incredible new combo technology. (Their flagship is the Voinian Dreadnought with Adzgari shield generators, a cloaking device, Stinger turrets, phased beam turrets powered by the plasma siphon conduits to minimize fuel drain, and a Council Cruiser bay carrying ten of the newly developed, top-secret ships)

After a series of tremendous battles, the allies drive back the alien invaders and use new Miranu technology to block passage beyond the nebulae once and for all. The galaxy is at last safe... until next time. 😄

PPS: How's that for what happens next?!

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