plugin descriptions

If any of you folks run into a plugin in the add-on files area that is out-dated or has no description, and you have a newer version or a description of it, please uploaded the new file, or eMail the description (and the name of the plugin in question) to:

Scurvy and Jericon did a good job describing the plugs that were described on the old site, but there are still some remaining with no description. With your help, we can remedy this with alacrity.


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Also, please download and check that your plug-in unstuffs properly. There have been several reports of plug-ins that seem to be corrupted when downloaded. If necessary upload your (working) plug-in again. Thanks.


Has anyone come up with a way to include carriage returns and/or <BR>s in the plug descriptions yet?

Also, is there any way to update the descriptions? In particular, could a line be added to the description of an older plug saying, "Version xxx is now available!" ?

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I have some descriptions for some things - specifically one for my plug-in and one representing the author of a plug-in. I'll e-mail them to you, but how are you going to make sure that someone other than the author or someone w/o permission from the author doesn't submit a description?

Mike Lee (Firebird)