Slave Missions

OK, I helped the Emalgha and the UE in taking 2 Voinian systems and killed the dreadnought, and then I got a mission where I had to run a guy down to a Voinian planet and take someone else to another planet. After doing the 2nd mission I am told "You wonder where you can find troops to take the station". Where CAN I find troops to take the station? It wont let me land in Voinian space and bribes dont work... please help.


You've made some friends in the UE military, right? Although you haven't met him before, there's a certain UE Vice-Admiral who's well known for his audacious schemes. He's on permanent assignment to one of the border outposts, and he's always on the lookout for new ways to strike against the Voinians. Does that help?...


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Um... I'll look next time I get to EVO... is it McPhearson? If so where is he hanging out these days? I havent seen him for ages... and if its Outpost Alpha he's not there. Last time I saw McPhearson was during the Huron uprising...


No, no. It's the French one.



Originally posted by Regulus:
No, no. It's the French one.

Hmm Commander D'Erlon? I could be mistaken about the rank; it's been an eternity since I've last played EVO.

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Go to the bar on the inhabited planet in the Yandros system (2 jumps south of Sol). There, you'll meet with commander D'Erlon.