NPD mission string

I don't hang around Miranu space that often, so I don't know anything about the NPD mission string.
Just telling me where it starts would be helpful...


Ult CR, good LS, miranu contact mission, anywhere in Miranu space.


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glances at data file It starts at Station Pybin, it requires that you have completed mission bit 150, whatever the hell that is. :rolleyes: You have to take some scientist to F-2795.

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I have ult. CR and good rating.... but no mission.


Actually, the first mission in the string begins anywhere in Miranu space. It's a "special delivery to Igadzra" mission ("trying to reestablish diplomatic relations..." etc). You must have an Ultimate CR and a high "Good Egg" legal status, and you must be a member of MTC. (To join MTC, go to Mira if you haven't already.)

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