What is this all about?? - Newbie Q

Hi all - I am relaltively new at this game and it seems that i have been wandering for a few days now. I have read some of the posts talking about ships i have never seen etc.

What I have dome so far is - fought the voinians a little - gone up to Emalghion and made couple million, i am flying a destroyer which has all the options, and have an escort of freighters and a couple transporters - for their balalnce of firepower and load capacity.

I have done well against small forces of Voinians but I can't kill the dreadnought but I can kill all of its interceptors and carriers and desroyers etc.

I seem to have missions like "destroy or drive off" piling up in my mission log.

Will I ever get paid if I somehow complete them?? Should I trade more and get a better ship? If so, what one do I wan't. The UE carrier seems kind of pricey especially when you have to buy those fighters at 80,000 a pop and they are quite wimpy. I like my destroyer adn the hunter missles.

Where am i going?? What is my next step??

I would appreciate any guidance. i love this game.


My suggestion would be take the time to explore some more. It sounds like you haven't gone very far from UE and Vonian space, and there are alot more worlds out there with different planets, ships, and missions for you to explore. It took me a while to realize there was more to EVO than "get the Vonians" but now that I have, it makes the game alot more exciting.

Ereid - You say keep exploring - any tips where to go??

Well, assuming I'm correct that you haven't explored outside Ue and Vonian space, you've got lots of options. The entire EVO universe is like 2 to 3 times bigger than the areas you've seen so far. I'd start by going up from the Sol system until you run into some more inhabited planets. I'd suggest having a ship with alot of fuel jumps though - they're at least 6 or 7 jumps away (I think).

As a general tip for getting the more interesting missions anywhere you go - if there's a Spaceport Bar, go in 😉

If you want more specific suggestions, feel free to ask.

Happy exploring!

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Eried -
Should I abort my missions like defend this or that planet/outpost - or just leave them there??

Also - I am looking for a woman ship designer - but they didn't give me many more instructions. I am carrying sround ship plans but I have no idea what to do with them.

What would be a better ship than my destroyer?? I kind of like it - i have 2 hunter shooters and one needle shooter 😉 I like the combo but it seems that they only work on the edge of renegade UE soil. (ie. i can re-arm the needle shooter with fresh sharp needles.) Should I sell the needle shooter if I go up north of sol to make room for different weapons.

Also - pareen station is up and running and i rescued some defector that gave the UE the blue ball thrower technology. What kind of ship can i use that on?

Many many questions.


Hmm. . . plenty of questions to tackle. I'll try my best:

Abort the defense missions if you want - if you can take out the enemies attacking the planet, you can get up to a quarter million credits from the grateful populace.

You're looking for Anna Balshova. Go to Freeport (I think) and you'll get a tip on where to search for her.

Better ship? If you go WAAY north, you'll find some nice choices, like the Lazira and Crescent Warship. They're faster and better shielded, but more expensive and worse against Voinians (unless you Monty Python them).

Blue ball thrower? I assume you mean neutron cannon/turret. You can equip neutron cannons on any ship, provided that you have the weapons space and an available gun or turret slot. Incidentally, neutron fire is purple, not blue.


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On Defend so-and-so type missions: I seem to recall that most of those you have to defend the system through a couple of waves of enemy attack, and then land back on the planet where you got the mission to get paid. So if they seem to not be ending, you've probably either not driven away the enemy enough times or you haven't landed back on the planet where you got the mission. If you don't feel like trying to complete them at the moment, go ahead and abort them. Most of those missions you can get again even after you abort them (at least that's been my experience).

On the ship designer: I'd try ColdFusion's advice on this one; I can't recall that mission off the top of my head.

On better ships: From what I've heard, the destroyer is a pretty good ship. One of the reasons for doing more exploring is that it also gives you different ships/weapons to choose from. There are a number of ships you can always get (like the Lazira or Cresent Warship ColdFusion mentioned), plus some special ships you can get access to only by completing certain missions.

On weapons: As ColdFusion pointed out, the neutron cannons/turrets can be equipped on any ship as long as you have space for them. If you're just going to go exploring, I see no need to change your current weaponry just yet. Should you find a weapon that you like better you can always go back and sell things later to make room.

The most important thing if you're going system hopping to see what's out there is to be sure you have plenty of fuel (or a fuel scoop) so you don't get stranded in an unpopulated system hoping for someone to come by to refuel you.

And it Sucks with a capital S when you get caught in the middle of a nebula exploration mission with no fuel, no fuel scoop, and you've just landed on an uninhabited planet. :rolleyes:

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