Help with Rebel mission

Hi fellow EV enthusiasts (you have to be if you're still around)! I'm stuck on a mission, and I can't figure out how to work the guide add-ons in Windows 7. So maybe you can help? I believe I'm on the last of the Astrodyne Outpost missions. I got this one on Palshife, and I was told to search the systems around Ruby for a Confederate ship carrying a prototype weapon (presumably the tractor beam?). I've checked Ruby itself, the only adjacent system, and the other systems where you could easily draw a straight line to Ruby. Is this transport in a fixed location, or do I just have to look around for a while? It feels like I already have.

Also, as long as I have your attention, what does the forklift do, and can I get it running the EV conversion for Windows 7 EV Nova?

Welcome to the boards, BDD!

The transport should be in Castor, and will jump in after a delay. Maybe you're not waiting in the system long enough?

As for the Forklift, it was an easter egg weapon in the original EVC on Mac OS 9. It was basically a cheat weapon capable of immense destruction. Firing it would launch a little yellow forklift at your target. However, as EVN does not contain the code for the Forklift as an easter egg, neither will the EVC port. At least, not one you unlock in the same way. You could, in theory, reproduce it via plug-in and have some other method to unlock it, but I know of no existing plug-in.

Ooh, great. I figured I'd have to wait for the ship to jump in, but it hadn't occurred to me to search that far away from Ruby. Sorry I'm missing out on the forklift though. Thanks for your help!

The Forklift plug-in does exist.

Download this plug-in: http://www.ambrosias....php?addon=1969

I don't know how well this works. Tell me. Download it and tell tomorrow. Or whenever you have time - maybe we live in a different time zone.

Edit: Telling means that you post and tell me how well the plug-in worked. But do I actually even need to mention this?

Edit2: Whenever you bave time means that you might post in a few hours, which still might be the same day for you. For me, its's almost night now. That's why I mentioned time zones.

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