Where can I buy these things in Empire of Crime?

Where can I buy these things? I am playing the Empire of Crime plug-in, and I'd like to know where these can be bought.

Sabre fighter for the Sabre bay. The P dialog says in Extras that it's called Sabre tactical bomber.

Mod- Rapier fighter for the Mod- Rapier bay. The P dialog says in Extras it's called Mod- Rapier heavy fighter.

Thermonuclear Rockets

In which system and planet can these three be bought?

It should be possible to answer my questions, because Empire of Crime is a big enough plug-in that a lot of persons should have played it.

Well, a good place to start would be wherever you bought the bays. If the fighters aren't available in the same places the bays are, something's wrong. Very wrong.

I don't remember where I bought the bays. It's been such a long time since I last used the pilot.

Could you go to all planets in the plug-in which have some kind of Pirate government? Serpense Triumvirate, Mafia, Indy Pirate Factions, or Darkside Faction? And whatever else there may be. That would be the best way of knowing where the bay and the nuclear rockets are sold, because I assume they're sold on Pirate planets.

I know it's a lot to ask though, because there are so many Pirate planets. Compared to other Empire plug-ins and all other plug-ins really. There aren't more than four Pirate systems usually. But I would like you to do this anyway. That you would go to all Pirate planets on the whole map and tell which planet sells me the bays and the rockets.

The Mod- Rapier fighters TechLevel is 5017. Sabre is 5013, and Thermonuclear Rockets is 400. Do those help any when figuring out where they are sold? Then I guess you could look at the SpecialTech field for a planet and see if any has 5017, 5013, or 400 in SpecialTech. You could look these two up in Mission Computer - the TechLevel and SpecialTech.

Or are my both suggestions too much effort? If they are, I will explore the galaxy myself, going to all Pirate planets (and there seems to be a lot of them...).

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If you're certain those are all pirate tech, try each pirate faction's HQ stellar. They should have all of that faction's outfits available there, including nukes and fighters. If you don't find them there, try the HQs of other factions. That's a much smaller list of planets/stations to search.