How to get an Anaconda Bay dirt cheap.

I accidentally discovered a plug-in conflict (or cheat?) that you can use to your advantage for Guy's EVC 1.1.1 plug-in for EV Nova. Basically by placing the Outofammo (Out of Ammo) plug-in in the usual Plug-in folder, and playing EVC (after normal installation, of course), if you buy a flare launcher, you will notice that you can buy no more than 2 flares. Why??? Leaving the landing site, you will see that you can select the flare launcher as a secondary weapon, BUT it will be renamed as "Anaconda Bay." The 2 flares you are allowed to buy are actually clones of your current ship. Just select the bay, hit the secondary fire button twice, and you'll get two extra ships. You can then operate the ships and bay as you normally would if you had purchased the original Anaconda Bay. The bad news is that it probably means that you can't use flares at all in that game using the cheat. A price to pay for the extra firepower (or protection).

I discovered this using a Scoutship and was able to get 2 Scoutship escorts that way. I haven't tested to see if it will work with other ships, etc., as I have a flight to wake up for tomorrow morning but I assume it should work. The conflict was discovered using EVN 1.0.10 running on Windows 7. I just wanted the plug-in to skip secondary weapons with 0 ammo remaining but I guess if I want proper flares in that game then I need to consider Outofammo to be for EVN only.

Out of Ammo (Windows users will need to convert to .rez. This board wouldn't let me attach my .rez file. Sorry!)

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