Flying High 1.5

Version 1.5 Uploaded!

Version 1.5 has just been uploaded and will be available...whenever it becomes available.


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Hm. Can't delete posts? Oh, well.

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Sorry, haven't gotten around to booting my iMac for this just yet. But I just downloaded v1.4 and I'll try it out and post some feedback once I've done so. Doing something right now though.

Sounds good. =P

Alright, I've now played a little with this plug-in. First impressions; the colors are very bright and distracting. I feel like I'm flying not through space, but a rainbow when a large fleet comes in. It almost hurts my eyes to look, actually. I would suggest less extreme shades and hues.

There were also some graphical glitches in the form of some outfits (Fuel Tank, IFF Decoder, and Map being a few) that had incorrect large images set for them. They had the proper small image, but the large image was another small image for a different outfit. The result was a blocky, blurry, pixellated graphic under the description. I didn't look through to find the cause, but it's something for you to fix.

Gameplay was fairly good. It was fun to watch AI ships tear each other apart like packs of wild dogs armed with nukes, even if a little bright. Some of the ships had some truly frightening rates of fire which allowed them to literally shower their targets in laser fire, destroying them in seconds. Seeing two such ships do this was immensely entertaining, and fun to try and dance around without getting shot myself.

Missions were odd. I only came across one mission, and it was from a disabled Clipper in the Levo system. The guy needed to get to Sauron, but didn't want to get there right away. All the Mission Computers, however, were perpetually empty. Nothing. Ever. I didn't look into this, either, to see if it was intended or a bug. I also came across an empty shipyard on Earth. Nothing for sale at all.

Bottom line: fairly fun, if not a little confusing, and possibly buggy. I would advise you do some extensive play-testing on your own (you could have others help, as well) to make sure it all works properly before submitting another copy to the Add-Ons pages. 🙂

With regard to the graphical glitches: Those cannot be dealt with. The ID numbers for outfit graphics overlap one another such that if you have above 100 outfits I believe, the numbers for 32x32 become the same as 100x100. There is no way to fix this.

Missions: Read the "Missions Read-Me" text that's provided. Everything you saw is quite intentional. 😛

As for the colors, it would be possible for me to release an alternate version with the normal game graphics, but I'd keep the colorful ones in there as well. Ultimately I find the normal graphics boring and couldn't stand them anymore.

Watching ships shoot each other: My feelings exactly. 😛

As for extensive testing on my own, I am quite certain everything works, or it would not be online right now. 😉

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@darthkev, on 16 April 2011 - 06:54 PM, said in Flying High 1.5:

I feel like I'm flying not through space, but a rainbow when a large fleet comes in.

What could be better than rainbows? How about rainbows in space!

I think the colors are pretty. 😛

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