Where is the Rebel Fleet?

We have ways of...well you know the rest.

I got the "We have info that the Rebels are planning an offensive, and we want to plan a counter-offensive" mission on Luna, and I've been all over the dad-blasted known galaxy looking for the Rebel Fleet (and even hired a few Kestrel escorts, even though the guy who gave me the mission told me expressly NOT to engage the fleet when I find it, just to see what happens), and haven't found hide nor hair. Apparently I keep raising my reputation in Rebel systems, too, because I'm attacked by at least one or two Pirate Argosies or Corvettes in each system, and I'm not sure if making the Rebels "friendly" is screwing up the mission. For that matter, is the fleet moving around as I do?

It should be in the Adhara system. Your record with the Rebels does nothing to the mission. The Adhara system is in the galactic south if you haven't mapped it yet.

If there were any systems I hadn't mapped yet, they were mapped during the course of this search, I tell you what.

So did you find them then?

QUOTE (DarthKev @ Aug 22 2010, 10:32 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>

So did you find them then?

Yeah, and I'd defeated about half the fleet before they destroyed all six of my Kestrel escorts and each of their Lightning escorts. I had two Lightnings of my own, one of each armour plating upgrades, max amount of shield upgrades, and was down to about 15 - 20% armour before I had to jump away. All this and the Rebels are still friendly with me because I had to fend off some Pirates between Adhara and Sol. There ought to be a condition flag somewhere that says "If player had done X amount of Confed missions, then Rebels are always hostile", solve for X.

Meh. I say don't complain. There can be many benefits to being on the Rebel's good side. For one, you can do the Rebel string after/before/while finishing the Confed string, and vice-versa. All you have to do is check bars on Rebel planets and space stations. Eventually a group of Rebels will capture you and order you to destroy a passing Confed Frigate. Once you do that, they'll let you do their missions.

So, there aren't any "If player allies with X, then Y string is permanently inaccessible" event flags? It's all based on their relative level of hostility/friendliness?

Yup. It's one of my favorite things about EVC. You get to be a double/triple/quadruple agent. 😄

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So, there aren't any "If player allies with X, then Y string is permanently inaccessible" event flags?

There are, but they're imperfect, and there are also some intentional loopholes, as DarthKev described.

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