Fun little ships

How do you like to equip ships for fun? (Not for a storyline, but just messing about)

I tried playing around with a bomber rapier, but it seemed a bit too "wonky" for me, so I scrapped it and started over with this:

2 Missile Racks+16 missiles
2 Heavy Rocket Launchers+4 rockets
2 Javelin pods+999 ammo

+various personal upgrades for taste

I know this is silly and could be optimized more, but I found it fun.

Well, my favorite memory of messing around in EVC (something that is much more worthwhile due to the lack of story missions compared to EVO and EVN) was using a Kestrel to dominate Sauron. After that, I went and capture me a fleet of two Rapiers and four Lightnings. Then I went and bought a Rapier for myself, removed all ranged ordnance other than Javelins, and turned it into a flying gun platform. Then I took myself and my squadron around the system, raiding anyone who moved, basically being the Dread Pirate DarthKev.

It was actually really fun. I even took down a Confed Cruiser once without loosing a wingman by luring the fighters away, killing them off, then having my squadron stand by while I lured the cruiser closer. When it was in position, I ordered my squadron to open fire and they all launched Heavy Rockets, instantly knocking it down low enough for us to finish off. Well, not before we looted it of all credits on board. Ah, memories... ^_^

I like either flying a defender with speed upgrades + javs, since it's just insane and can be so satisfying to kill a Kestrel in one.
I also like flying a Confed Frigate without speed upgrades on strict, no afterburner and either protons + missiles + torps, or protons + heavy rockets. Now that is insanely hard to win with.

No afterburner? You are surely mad.

Also, do you like EV Javelins or EVN Raven rockets more?

I never seemed to get into raven rockets in EVN, any ideas why?

Anyone here like to use Space Bombs?

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My theory, Ravens aren't as fast nor as abundantly used by other ships for you to be able to steal more from them like you could in EVC. Also, EVN's non-ammo-using weapons are much more efficient than EVC's, lessening the need for a rocket launcher-type weapon.

** Edit:** I hate space bombs, I can't even use EVN's Stellar Grenades right.

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That is what I was thinking, IR and Radar missiles are nice.

I could also never get stellar grenades to work right, I tried and tried, but to no avail. I did like the spread one in plug pack, but I found too much of the gear to be unbalancing for normal use (or cool stuff with no real drawbacks).

I have figured out how to make the space bomb a very good offensive weapon. The trick is to fly towards the enemy and deploy one then veer away. The bomb will keep moving and hit the enemy ship. I ditched the tactic in Nova since well the stellar grenades are only slightly stronger then ejecting from your ship and biting the hull.

I tried that as well, but they always seemed a bit wonky to me. And even harder to hit than with heavy rockets unless you are going some sort of huge hulk

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