Realm of Prey (converted to Nova).


I've downloaded Realm of Prey for this EVNC and it works fine but with a few glitches...

My rating with any government can't go above Decent Individual and can't fall below offender...

I don't think I've had any bar related missions or storylines either...

Explain anyone?

Now this may be intended to be like this, but I don't think I've seen it written down in the title on the add-ons.

Or it might have been explained in either of the two Adobe documents also in the folder but my Vista has problems with adobe... so therefore it crashes and quits...

Sort of off topic: Are there any other fully converted EVC to EVNC TCs? I'm finding the add-ons pages annoying...

Much appreciated.

Th values on how much you gain in legal rating for governments are very very low, so you would have to kill tons of enemy ships to get better than Decent Individual. About the missions, you need a combat rating of at least Dangerous, I think. Also, all the missions start with only a 20% chance of appearing.

Ooooh that might explain it. Why have the values been set so low?

Is there a walkthrough for this TC because I want to know who I can join (Pirates)?

Tim Isles' plugins don't need walk-throughs. The docs that come with his addon games are very clear as to which factions you can join, where missions start, ships, etc. I suggest you read them. šŸ˜‰

If the Nova plug didn't come with docs then contact whoever ported it.

In case you have trouble reading it, this is from the Read Me:

ā€¢ Who can I fly for?

Missions are available from either The Faction or the Earth Confederacy. There are a variety of other governments, depending on who you choose to side with, that you will find yourself interacting with as the missions progress.

ā€¢ How do I get missions for...**

(1) THE FACTION. The first mission for The Faction is available at ANY Faction controlled stellar, with a probability of about 10% each time you land. An "Excellent" combat rating is needed though legal status should be at least "Decent Individual".

(2) THE EARTH CONFEDERACY. The introductory mission for the Confederacy is anywhere in Earth controlled space with a probability of 10%. You will need a minimum of a "Decent Individual" legal record and an "Excellent" combat rating.

You will be directed as to where to find future missions.

To increase your legal standing and combat rating, target aggressive pirate ships or fleets whenever you encounter them. You can also target a government's 'enemy' vessels within its own systems, eg. attacking Faction vessels in Earth space and vice versa.

Thank you... funnily enough i sorted out my adobe and found all this out this morning.

Thanks for your time anyway šŸ™‚

Ironically my read me says 15% chance of missions appearing which I still think is abyssmally small.

I've had to get one mission, complete it, then spent 20 minutes or so of jumping in and out of the system...

If the system your accepting missions from has two (Or more) planets on it that you can land on, just land on one of the other planets, than back to the place where you need to accept the mission. It has the same effect as jumping in and out of the system.

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