EVC for nova (on windows)

Is there a readily downloadable one?

Simple as...

I downloaded EVC for nova and tried to convert the .bin files like you should normally do...

But nothing happens... the convert black windowed screen appears and you just see black... nothing more...

As I don't know anything about the process I was wondering if someone could either point me in the direction of a already converted one or upload one for me here...

Thanks in advance...

Hi undead_shadow
Is this the beta from the topic here that you're trying to convert? What system are you running? What version of Nova?
I've tried converting it myself on Windows XP SP2 and it works fine for me so I'm not sure what the problem could be. Perhaps your download is corrupted somehow?

It might be actually... since the new spruce up everything got I've had difficulty finding the add ons page (enough that I had to use Google to find it).

I'll try another EVC and see what happens...

You haven't answered my question though.. is there a windows version?

Edit: I found the tutorial 🙂 thanks to Pace's sig (that thing should be stickied).

Edit 2: Upon downloading stuffit 9 installer. I've found out it doesn't work/open... (Stupic vista!!!!). Any recommendations on what I can use instead?

Much appreciated.

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EV Classic for Nova is for both Windows and Mac. So yes, there is a Windows version inasmuch as there is a Mac version. It's distributed as a zip file so you should not be using StuffIt to expand it - XP and Vista should be able to expand it without any special software.

For sit and sitx files you should be using StuffIt 9. Check out this guide for more info: PC Plugin Conversion Tutorial
(edit) Right, you've already got it. Never mind then 🙂

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I can't open stuffit 9 installer... I double click and it opens then closes straight away. It then searches for solutions and stops and tells me a problem caused it (erm duh!!!) to close.

I've managed to get EVNC downloaded and working which leaves (for now) me with the problem of trying to convert sitx files (which is what plug pack 18 downloaded as) without an expander.

EDIT: Brain wave... download the file, copy it to my Emac to unstuff, copy it back to vista to finish it off (this should work with plugs but probs wont work with stuffit because it's windows? Also it'll probably be too big for a memory stick once converted?).

EDIT: Well it didnt work... so I'm back to needing stuffit 9...

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