Does anyone actually use neutron blasters?

I've always thought that outfit was nothing but a joke. It doesn't make much sense to use those weapons when you could just sell them all and use the space for proton turrets and torpedoes.

I still find it rather odd that the Confederate Cruiser has four of them...

They are actually pretty powerful, from what I remember. I used them when I first played EV, but then I decided torpedoes and stuff where better.

I think it pretty much goes the same way with the Mass Driver as well. Both weapons are actually good alternatives for Javelin Rockets, if you can spare the space.

I always preferred the Mass Driver though. It was faster, had longer range, if I remember right.

Until the "Death Neutron" bug was fixed in a later version (which I never got, by the way; I only had the demo to go off of), I used the Neutron Blaster quite frequently. Even Kestrels were made short work of when the thing fired.

Ah yes i used the neutron blaster bug quite frequently. It made the alien mission very easy.

I always decked out my kestrel with all neutron blasters, and then the blue-laser turrets...

Blue laser turrets? SHUN!! SHUUUUN!

(proton bolt turrets)

Ya. I always thought that neutron lazers were pretty pointless. I'd rather have a bunch of proton weaponry instead. Better range and more shots (in numbers, of course).

Me, too. Neutron weaponry is powerful, but I don't like the wimpy range. I'd rather have proton turrets and torps and shielding.

@mrxak, on Jul 31 2007, 11:01 AM, said in Does anyone actually use neutron blasters?:

Blue laser turrets? SHUN!! SHUUUUN!


I maxed out the weapon room available with neutron blasters on my confed cruiser just for kicks. It wasn't as great as I thought it would be.

One has to have guts to use the Neutron Blaster seriously. Imagine: a ship drifts right up to you, shooting little red blobs barely an inch in front of it. You laugh. The ship gets closer, and next thing you're breathing vacuum (which, as most people know, doesn't work). If computer opponents had the ability to be shocked before dying, I'd use that one constantly. The Neutron Blaster makes a strange noise (almost comical), barely travels at all...yet positively DESTROYS in comparison to its lighter brethren. Still not worth the space, though, in my opinion...

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