<<pokes mrxak>>

Lit Nerd

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Thank you Lit Nerd.


Thank you, mWalk.

You're welcome, mrxak.

Lit Nerd

You're welcome, mrxak.

Lit Nerd

This is spam. iLock.

This is a census. uNoLock.


Thank you, Destroyer E.

poke poke

Thank you, mrxak.


You do realize mrxak is just trying to get to 10000 posts! THIS IS A SCAM!


It's not a scam. I'm just bored of seeing all my non-Redline, non-EVDC forums being empty of traffic. So I'm trying to see just how many people there are browsing them. And the best way to get people to admit they're browsing a forum is to get thanked for commenting on a poke.

Thank you, LiAnNaSu. Thank you, Boris Yetskins.

Just give me control of this board, while you can go prancing off with the Redline board.

I can handle it, and it's one less thing for you to worry about.

I think you'll hve to suck up more than that to gain a modship DE... 😛

Oh, I worry about more forums than I moderate. Thanks for the offer, but it wouldn't actually help anything.

I still check around here from time to time, but really there is little left here but the cesspool that is the Boozy and the postings of poor lost newbies who don't realize that this isn't the Nova Board. sigh

Thank you, ~vIsitor~.

This is done. Thanks all. Closing down.

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