Stuck in Confed missions

Can you help me?

I think my last important mission was 'Detect Rebel Fleet', I've a combat rating of Excellent and I'm a Good Egg in most Confed systems, but I can't find the next!
Thanks for your help!

Wow. It's been a long time since I played the Confed string. Most of the missions should be available at the same place you have been getting the others. Maybe the next mission requires a "Deadly" rating. Go kill some pirates, or Rebel ships in Confed space.

I've know this blue Beam Weapon, a combat rating of deadly and I'm a Good Egg in all Confed systems, what do I need to get the next mission and where?

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I always remembered the first Confed mission starting with "As you sit sipping a Samarian Sunset...". Did you get that yet?

I already have the Confed Beam Weapon, so I already have the first mission.

I'm not sure, but they might be separate mission strings. I know the tractor beam mission is a separate string with the Rebel missions.

I found in EVula's survival guide something like a walkthrough for the Confed string.
It says that the next mission comes after the one that gives you the Beam Weapon, but I'm not sure with this giude, because I could get the Confed Beam Weapon missions with a legal status of Good Egg, but the giude says I need for it Role Model.
I've still Good Egg, perhaps I need a higher legal status to get the next mission?

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I've still Good Egg, perhaps I need a higher legal status to get the next mission?View Post

Although legal status is important, combat rating is more so.

Maybe you accepted the next mission already, but didn't pay attention to directions?

I did the first rebel mission in the middle of the Confed string, I thought I would be a spy like in EVN, but nothing special happened.

Yeaah! I did this Confed string!!!! I really needed Upstanding Citizen! Juhuu! 😄 :rolleyes: 😄

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