There's more to be made of EVC

Huh. Maybe it's just trying to piss us all off and make us scour the interweb for lonely hours upon fruitless hours for a good ROM.

LOL! Maybe. I'll just stick with the one I have. It works, though the Basilisk II 1.0 JIT version does NOT like my computer. So far I can't get it to run in full screen mode. Haven't tried windowed yet. For now I'm stuck with Straight B2 v0.9, I guess.

Dash_Merc, on Jun 6 2005, 07:05 PM, said:

They did port Nova to Windoze. A LOOOONG time ago. Like last year. Like two months after it was made for Mac. I play it. On Windows. My Mac emulator's too crappy to take it PPC ROM (yet. I'm getting one soon.) etc...
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Irony, my feathered friend. Irony. 🆒

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