Having trouble getting the game?

Well, i finally managed to download the PoG demo. No way I'm trying 150MB through a 14.4k, 28.8MB was too much. Anyway, on my fourth try (two missed connections, one power failure at 28.6MB. Grrrr.) I downloaded the game. Well, I had a slight problem. It seems that Internet Explorer decided to claim my image file as it's own, not allowing Disk Copy to use it. (Error -8816, unknown file type). Okay, I think, if it's tricky it wants, tricky it will get. Firing up ResEdit, I proceed to change the file type and creator to those of a true disk image. After all, since the game has obviously treated other people nicely, maybe I just need to push it a bit to be nice to me.

Well, Disk Copy opens it, mounts it, then gives me the familiar error, but with a different message: Error -8816, "Pillars of Garendall.img" is damaged and cannot be used. By now, I was slightly irritated. This is three days after I originally tried to download the game, and now Disk Copy was giving me evil messages.

It was then the saviour beckoned. Stuffit Expander 6.0, that delightful little program with the ability to mount disk images. And it did so without a hitch, and I can now play the PoG demo. And I will buy the game, no questions asked. As soon as the CD's are out, and my new Visa card arrives, anyway. 🙂

Well, that's my story. Anyone else have a really bad (or really easy) time of getting this game?


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Well, even with Cable it took me 5 and a half hours to download, and even then the program I was using saved it wrong as a segment file or something so I had to delete it and start a new download. Owch, run on sentence. Either way, Jerico's seems to be going better.

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Thank you so much for that!!!! I was having trouble unstuffing it also! Stuffit said some garbage about shrinkwrap error, but as soon as I got stuffit 6, it worked.

Thank You!!!!!!

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Thanks for the Stuffit 6.0 hint!

I had no problem dowloading the Demo (about 15 minutes over DSL), but the .img file gave me headaches. Using system 8.6 - guess I should upgrade.

As for the game: I played for a few hours, it's not quite my cup of tea, but I did enjoy some of the features.

Looking forward to future games.

I downloaded PoG with a 56k modem (i tried upwards of ten times, but the first few days were really nuts after PoG was released.) So I finally got it downloaded, and as I'm going to unstuff (ahhh.... Stuffit) I quit my navigator. Since the File was still technically a cache file in the navigator, when I quit, it dissappeared. $&#