Battle for Sol III - The Saga Continues

No, it isn't a joke, BfS III is actually starting!

The story so far:

In the first Battle for Sol, The Rebellion launched a massive attack on the Confederation capital, trying to gain release from Confederate tyranny once and for all. Their attack seemed to be on the verge of succeeding when the Aliens returned, directing their attention to more important matters. A truce was negotiated, uniting the two against the Aliens again. The Rebel system of government remained, but at the homeworld of Sol.

Afterwards, the Alien invasion began in earnest, while the Pirates united in an attempt to gather significant power while the HC was busy fighting on other fronts. The HC was squeezed by massive attacks from the Pirates and Aliens until the inconclusive Battle of Levo, in which several fleets from all three sides were utterly destroyed. The HC, which had appeared to be near collapse, regained the initiative and succeeded in pushing the Aliens back into their own galaxy, while clearing the Pirates out of the Northeastern region as well.

The Pirates have maintained their hold on the Western section of the Milky Way, where much of the strength was concentrated. United under a new leader, Sa'amo Vaten, they hope to end the so-called "tyranny" of the HC and form an alliance with the Alien Empire.

Meanwhile in the Alien Empire, an uproar followed the defeat in the Milky Way. A series of assassinations followed, eventually leaving the throne of Emperor to rebel council, a minor Fleet Commander at the Battle of Levo. The Empire is under increasing pressure, as the HC has assembled some of it's best tactical minds to assault the Empire, while at the same time unknown forces within Sentarus have made impressive gains.

President Skyblade and Vice-President Navarone of the HC were both KIA after the Battle of Levo, leaving former Speaker of the House Macavenger in charge of the government. The HC remains strong, despite losing some of it's initiative in the six months since Levo, and has introduced many new ships and weapon systems which may leave it at a technological advantage in some ways, rather than the disadvantage that has traditionally been its of late.


Human Confederation Income: 350,000,000
Credits remaining: 352,800,000

1 Republic-class Carrier (140,000,000)
1 Enterprise-class Battlecruiser (40,000,000)
1 Destroyer M7 (5,000,000)
2 Destroyer M8s (7,000,000)
2 Skyblade Frigates (10,000,000)
48 Skates (24,000,000)
124 Stingrays (49,600,000)

Total Spent: (275,600,000)
Remaining: 80,400,000

1 Republic-class Carrier assigned to Admiral Mark James's Fleet at Apollo
1 Destroyer M7, 2 Skyblade Frigates, and 20 Stingrays assigned to Vice-Admiral ZenMastaT's fleet at Antares
48 Skates and 92 Stingrays assigned to Fleet Admiral Alan Rak's Fleet at Kaujathat
1 Enterprise-class Battlecruiser, 2 Destroyer M8s, and 12 Stingrays assigned to President Macavenger's fleet at Propus


"Mr. President?" inquired Rear Admiral Foster as he approached. "Our reinforcements have just checked in, sir. They're all on their way up from the surface and will be in position in five minutes."

"Excellent," the President replied. "Latest intelligence on the Pirate First?"

"Intelligence now puts the target in the Perseus system, but it seems to be holding there," Foster informed him. "No change in composition or disposition that we've been able to detect."

"Then they won't get the chance. Colonel Oveido, set course for Perseus, via the Darven system. We'll depart as soon as the fleet is in position."

"Aye, sir," the helmsman responded.

Mac settled into the command chair on the H.C.S. Intrepid. The prototype of her class, she was still a fine ship, and had served well through several previous battles with Pirate forces. He turned to his communications officer. "Lieutenant, have the orders for the other 3 major fleets been sent yet?"

"Yes sir."

"Good. Get me Major Hutchinson of Alpha Group."

The quarter size holo of the leader of his quick-strike group materialized in front of Macavenger. "Any change, Mr. President?" it asked.

"No change, just calling to make sure you're ready. You have your entry vector plotted and ready?"

"Yes, sir. We'll split off from the main group at Darven and come in above the plane. Assuming intelligence is accurate, we should come in close, but not so close as to attract too much attention right away. Especially since they'll likely only see the four gunships. Don't worry sir, we'll get those bombs on the target."

"Very good, Major. I trust I don't need to remind you that this entire assault hinges on the success of your strike force. We're all counting on you."

"Understood, sir. We won't let you down."

The holo faded, and Mac turned back to his personal commander. "Is my flagship ready, Admiral?"

"The Intrepid is fully at your command, sir. All ships of the fleet reporting in position," Foster added.

Mac turned to the helmsman. 'Engage."


A few hours later, the First Fleet of the Human Confederation dropped out of hyperspace in the Perseus system and began launching fighters. The bridge immediately became a riot of activity. "Beta group, engage target mu. Start your run," Foster said into his comm unit. "Alpha group, you're clear to proceed as soon as they begin drawing fire."

"Beginning run now," replied Commodore Odell from the bridge of the HCS Sovereign , commanding Beta group. 3 _Enterprise-class Battlecruisers, 9 Destroyer M8s, 3 Skyblade Frigates, and a supporting fighter formation broke away from the main force and charged at spl_cadet's flagship, the SDF-1 Macross.

"Helm, come to 334 by 014 and engage at full. Communications, relay to main group. Engage the Halberds of enemy group Lamda first. Stingrays, screen formation Epsilon."

As the Pirates began to launch their fighters, Torpedoes and LRBMs began to cut across space. It quickly became apparent that the Pirate Flagship was focusing most of it's LRBM batteries on the HCS Nova , one of the three Enterprise cruisers of Beta Group. Orders from other group leaders began flashing through the comm units.

"Alpha Group, target is engaging Nova. We're clear to target, all ships start in. Carriers, targets of opportunity in enemy group nu, but try not to attract attention. Hammers engage, bombers get set for your run."
" Levo, Hikeeba, Spica, screen Nova. Adhara, Lethe, Deneb, screen Ambassador. Endor, Hera, Zeus, , with us. Defend your target if it's attacked, otherwise targets of opportunity. Fighters to screen position alpha."

Led by the HCS Intrepid and HCS Excelsior , the new Enterprise cruiser, he main battle group closed on the Pirate ships around the flagship, torpedo tubes blazing. forced to defend themselves, they couldn't take much time to fire on the cruisers attacking the SDF-1 Macross.

And most ominous of all, Major Hutchinson's tiny, almost unnoticed Alpha force was just coming into range of its target. Four Hammerheads, and the unseen fighters trailing behind them...


Aboard the bridge of the Pirate flagship, confusion reigned. Torpedoes were slamming in at all parts of the fleet from all directions. Only a small group of Halberds and Drakes, less than half those in the fleet, to one side of the Macross were relatively unaffected. "Those cruisers will take a while to destroy, but they don't really have enough firepower to kill us," one of spl_cadet's tac officers reported. "Continue firing at them," he ordered. "We'll have one of them knocked off as soon as they get in range."

"Chieftain, do you want us to do anything about those gunships?" another asked.

"What Gunships?"

"Those, sir, approaching from above the starboard bow."

spl_cadet glanced that direction just in time to see the Hammerheads abort their approach, and thus was the first to see the 48 Devil Ray fighters trailing behind them. He cursed, but nothing could be done. The bombs from the Hammerheads impacted on the shields, followed by a massive wave of bombs from the Devil Rays. The Devil Rays pulled out and headed back for the main force, now firmly engaged with his main group...

The bridge rocked with a titanic explosion, and alarms began shrieking. "Shields down, sir!" One man yelled. "The last group of bombs got through!" spl_cadet looked out the viewport again, seeing dimly through the fiery explosions of torpedoes on his hull the shapes of the three Battlecruisers, which suddenly did have the firepower to destroy his flagship...


An exultant cheer went up on the bridge of Intrepid as the indicator on the SDF-1 Macross went to "Shields Down." The three Battlecruisers approached and began tearing at the hull with Turbolasers. Heavily damaged, the Nova dipped into Particle Beam range and open fire with all batteries. The Macross couldn't take that for long, and the rest of the fleet was starting to fall to the tide of small HC ships raking them...


Macavenger's fleet:
1 Intrepid-class Cruiser (46 Stingrays, deployed)
4 (i)Enterprise-class_ Battlecruisers (1 nearly destroyed)
3 Freedom-class Cruisers (64 Stingrays, deployed)
3 Skyhawk Carriers
8 Skyblade Frigates
5 Destroyer M7s (21 Stingrays, deployed)
9 Destroyer M8s
6 Hammerhead Gunboats
15 Tigershark Gunships
30 Stingrays
19 Swordfish
39 Skates
48 Devil Rays
spl_cadet's fleet:
1 Macross (Heavily Damaged)
6 Drakes
6 Halberds
112 ghosts
16 Lancers

- Macavenger | e-mail: (url="http://"")

"So begins our offensive," Skyblade told his chief officer, Admiral Roberto Deckerd. "Reports have it that alien activity has dramatically increased over the last few months along our western front, and it's time we present our surprise. Attacking our alien friends during their own offensive should strike a blow to their western forces. Anything you'd like to add?"

"No sir," Deckerd responded. "Our forces are in position, awaiting the order to engage. Rear Admiral Azdara Ace is busy beating back attacks along our eastern borders, so the time is right. Should we pospone the attack any longer, enemy intellegence will get the better of us."

= = = = =

"Skyblade's orders are to set course for the Verdica system at precisely 07:00 hours, no delays permitted. The enemy is not expecting an attack there, so resistance should be minimal. Make us proud, Commander Jimbob."

= = = = =

"Jimbob's fleet has just entered hyperspace, sir. His course and destination is the Verdica system."

"Very well, Deckerd. If Jimbob can keep the enemy distracted for a few hours, it will draw the alien forces to his fleet. While they are mobilizing for a counterattack, the 101st will make a dash for Senester, Orne, and eventually Zom. Inform me once Jimbob has been engaged for precisely two hours. Azdara Ace's orders are to hold position along eastern front until further notice."

"Yes sir," Deckerd replied. In moments, the comm channels from the "Liberty" Battlecarrier, flagship of the Dreden Navy, were buzzing. Orders were on their way, and blood would soon be shed. The offensive was underway, and the lust for revenge with it.

= = = = =


Starting income: 200,000,000 credits

33 Dreden "Thunderclap" Destroyers : 198 million credits.

10 issued to the 101st Warfleet
13 issued to the 42nd Warfleet
10 issued to the 36th Warfleet

2,000,000 credits remaining.

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"Admiral, our orders have been received." Azdara Ace glanced up at the communications screen, the time for action had come. "Rear Admiral Azdara Ace, the following is a message from President Skyblade, transmitted to our ship moments ago." The screen went fuzzy, and then Skyblade's face came into focus.
"Rear Admiral Azdara Ace, the time for vengence is close at hand, and as you watch this message, plans are in motion that should forever eradicate the ever present Alien threat. Your current orders are to hold your position in the Torik system, and await my further orders. An additional ten destroyers are being issued to your fleet, I trust you will use them wisely." The screen went blank, leaving a slightly dissapointed Azdara Ace in it's tracks.
"So, no action for now," he said as he stroked the silky fur of his cat. He stood up, and headed for the bridge. The captain, Captain Alexander, was waiting when he arrived. "Mr. Alexander, I need to send a message to Skyblade, please bring up the communications transmitter."
"Yes sir, all you say from now on will be transmitted to President's Skyblade's flagship." The message sent to President Skyblade went as follows:

"Greetings President Skyblade, I am sending to you a package containing the key to the code I had previously suggested using. Whether or not you want to use it is up to you. Also, when will new ship and weapons designs be needed?"

The recorder device flipped off, and Azdara Ace headed over the the lounge to get some more reading done on The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring.

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Jimbob, after getting his orders from Captain Skyblade, arrived in the Verdica System, alongside the rest of the 42nd fleet. President Skyblade was exactly right, Verdica was at minimal protection. He ordered them to open fire, and suddenly Plasma Torpedos were illuminated against the dark vaccum of space. The first fire did significant damage to the weaker of ships, destroying some. Jimbob then ordered a second round of attack from their current distance. Even more ships were destroyed, leaving very few left for close range battle. The Battlecruisers released there fighters, and the troop began moving to the center of the system, readying their plasma beam turrets.


Titans have released all fighters, so that adds 60 heavy fighters and 60 interceptors to the fleet for now, plus the 13 extra thunderclaps.

Cause: Putting a V12 engine on a tricycle.
Effect: A dead 3 year old.
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OOC: This will be my only post for the next 3 days, during which I will be gone at my grandparents house. I may be able to post once, but I doubt it. Rak; don't do anything stupid without my fleet. 🙂


Admiral Mark James walked onto the command deck of his Freedom Class Cruiser; the Red October. Everyone stood at attention while Mark surveyed the bridge. "Back to your stations," He ordered, sitting down in his command chair and looking over the latest tactical reports.

Finally, he made up his mind. "Helm, engage course to DSN-4651 system! All vessels, yellow alert."

The massive Human Confederation fleet jumped into hyperspace, zooming through systems as fast as they could. Finally arriving in DSN-4651, Admiral James gave orders for the ships to begin construction of a new Fallen One class Military Outpost.

The outpost would serve as a refuelling station for ships heading to Fleet Admiral Rak, and would help protect against the Aliens if they ever did come back through the warpgate.

The fleet set to work constructing the outpost as quickly as they could, and when it was completed, they would then move onto the Kaujathin system and meet up with Admiral Rak.


OOC: Since I will be gone, Admiral Rak or Macavenger can post for me constructing the station, as well as for my fleet going to Kaujathin. But after I arrive in Kaujathin, I will stay there till I get back.

Cya guys.

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Fleet Admiral (5 Star) Alan Rak admiringly glazed over his fleet as the Cloak & Dagger glided towards the massive jumpgate. Carefully taking out his pair of DigocularsŞ (top of the line digital binoculars) he peered over at the jumpgate. The massive strucutre was a thin circular ring, which surrounded a large net of pulsating blue plasma. Inside the plasma, occasional green energy bolts rocked the serene blueness. Rak zoomed in on the control center, and was astounded by what he saw. All of the people who were supposed to control the gate were asleep, with coffee dripping all over the expensive computer.

Just then, he was interrupted by a captain carrying his daily fleet report. He read it with intrigue.

_Fleet Report for the 16th BattleGroup
1 Republic-Class Carrier
HCS Cloak & Dagger, flagship
1 Intrepid-Class Battlecruiser
3 Enterprise-Class Battlecruisers
4 Freedom-Class Cruisers
15 Destroyer M8s
9 Tigershark Gunships
1 Swordfish
48 Skates
92 Stingrays

  • Note - 92 Stingrays and 48 Skates purchased late last night for this fleet

Report Complete_

Alan Rak realized that to best protect the Confederation, he must seal off the Alien threat until the pirate threat has been uterly neutralized. To best hold his defensive posture, he decided to release all 144 of his carried Stingrays, bringing the patrolling total to 236 Stringrays.

At that time, he also realized just what the consequences of such a sloppy jumpgate staff could mean. Taking action, he ordered that the Cloak & Dagger dock with the jumpgate. He also asked the senior Marine commander onboard report to him.

A few minutes later, General Tom Scraper entered the bridge. He addressed Rak. "Hello, Sir."

"At ease, General," Rak commanded in an easy-going way.

"What are my orders?"

"I want you and your marines to seize control of the jumpgate from those lazy workers. Change the access codes, and lock the staff inside their quarters. I will be joining you in your takeover, and will give you further orders when we arrive at the control center."

"Wait a second, Sir... are you thinking of donning battlearmor and coming with us?"

"Of course, prepare a boarding party. I will meet you at alpha dock in three hours. You are dismissed."

The General then saluted and vacated the bridge. He called up his executive officer, Peter Wolf, and asked him to serve as commander of the HCS Cloak & Dagger. Then Rak departed the bridge and headed to the marine armory.


Rak, dressed in a class VII battlesuit and packing a dual slide plasma rifle, watched as a party of about 25 marines entered the dock with perfect timing. He made introductions with their staff sergeant, John Waker. He ordered the dock opened, and ordered the marines to begin their assault.

John Waker surged ahead, followed closely by his squad. Entering the airlock, his team spread out into covering positions, ready to destroy anything that threatened them. An APC suddenly made its appearence, and the marines jumped in. Two marines jumped on top and manned the two plasma turrets.

The APC rocketed forward, surging through the passageway like it didn't exist. At that moment, they were forced to slide the vehicle out because a pressure sealed blast door confronted them on the other side. A marine quickly jumped out and accessed the control panel, opening the blast door. He then crouched down and aimed his rifle at the opening section of the blast door.

Suddenly, intense fire ripped through the blast door, severly crippling the stranded marine. The two turret gunners on the APC started firing at the area where the shot originated. A triad of grenades then rocketed through the door, and the APC's emergency evacuation system activated. All the people inside were tossed out the collapsing APC, being thrown clear of the explosion. The grenades ripped through the helpless vehicle, crushing it and the two marines upside.

Sergeant Waker started running towards the opening taking bullets as he jumped through. He lifted up his Mark 25 pistol and aimed it at the source of the bullets, a striking young woman. He blasted away at her, careening her body off of the catwalk. At that moment, he let out a final gasp of air and died.

The marines then advanced through the blast door, securing the command center. One of the marines quickly closed the blast door, and deactivated the outside control panel. For good measure, he magnetically sealed it. Alan Rak then walked up to the commander's chair, sat down, and passed out.

Prepare to succumb to superior strategic intelligence
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The Senester system had become one of turmoil. The alien line of defense, which was thin due to the mobilization to the rear, was not adequate. While Dreden Interceptors cleared the twenty or so alien patrol craft out of the system with overwhelming plasma fire, the Liberty focused both of its Neutron Trinity cannons on a single alien Battlecruiser. Just as the enemy warship finished off two fighters which failed to evade the giant killer, the Liberty let loose its surprise. Blue beams sped forward, one of which cut right through the shielding, neutralizing it as it went and splitting the hull. As the Battlecruiser's shields failed, the second Trinity beam finished it off. The entire rear section broke off from the rest of the hull, and the bridge errupted into a fireball. The system was complete silence following the Battlecruiser's destruction, and large chunks of red debri drifted into the depths of the cosmos.

"Well done. We've taken the Empire by surprise."

Skyblade paced around the bridge just as the comm officer stood up, gripping the transmitter in his ear.

"Message coming in, secure line on channel three."

"Put it through," Skyblade responded.

It was Azdara Ace's message, with an encrypted message attached.

"Reply Ace's message, and tell him his little... package... was received. Due to our quick success along our northern and eastern borders, he is to proceed to the Rikard system. And capture it. While Jimbob is occupied with defeating the Verdica defense fleet, the 101st will make short work of alien occupation of Senester."

= = = = = = = = = =

101st Warfleet:

  • 01 Liberty Battlecarrier
  • 36 Thunderclap Destroyers (1 moderately damaged)
  • 40 Hawk Gunships
  • 48 Lynx Heavy Fighters (2 destroyed)
  • 64 Cricket Interceptors (1 destroyed)

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Mod post: Ok guys, we really need to lighten up a bit. Our foes haven't even had a chance to react to our offensives... Pirate or Alien. Let them post some before going on, unless you are an HC/Dreden player who hasn't yet posted.

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A young man bearing a platter with a cup of tea and some cheese advanced towards the front end of the Falconlance, nervously gazing at the buzzing stations that surrounded him. "Refreshments, captain."

"Ah, thank you, this is greatly appreciated." The captain of the Falconlance placed the platter on a nearby table and returned to the projector hologram of the sentarus and milky way galaxies.

Scanning the entire map, the captain said to the young man who had brought him the tea, "Tyler, what's your analysis of all these dots and lines?"

"Sir, I'm just a serving boy."

"ha ha, well of course you are, but aren't your goals set on a command on a ship such as mine someday? Wouldn't you want to be a proud commander of our empire?"

"Yes sir." the boy replied.

With a flowing motion of his hand, the captain then proceeded to explain the projected map to the young aspiring boy. "See these red globes? Those are the planets of the mighty Alien empire, which you will serve someday. But what of the Green globes below our systems? They do not concern me as of yet, as my fleet is very far from their planets. Boy, those are the Dreden, who resist our power and who seek to overcome our empire. How they got there I don't know, but I do regret their presence as they pose quite a real threat to our nation's security. But nevermind that Tyler. Praefectus Jager is presently at the gate to our other enemy, one whose power can not be underestimated."

With a press of a button the display switched to the circular Milky Way Galaxy. "These blue globes are our principle concern Tyler. Everywhere, blue. But however, only a year ago did intelligence from our emperor, rebel council, indicate a third entity somewhere beyond the Confederation space. It is my hope that they can be brought to our power, in favor of it."

"The immediate situation presents itself right on the other side of that jumpgate 2 systems from ours. Kaujathin I believe it is called. Scans from Jager's fleet all but prove that a massive human force is gathered there, as well as indicating another fleet is somewhere behind them."

Tyler was staring at the hologram with an intense concentration, studying the location of each system with wide eyes.

The captain resumed his speech. "Before we can make any move to assault the enemy, I need notification from my good emperor. Tyler, you may return to your duties."

As the boy left the bridge into the vast number of corridors in the battlecruiser, the captain walked to his communications officer, Ben. "Ben, I need you to send a relay to rebel council's fleet in the Sentarus Prime system. Ask him if it would be satisfactory to establish a military outpost in one of the systems near Selica after he takes a look at our funds. Also, tell him that there are two large human fleets across the portal from Jager's position and that I am awaiting orders."

The captain retired to his commanding seat with a sigh. This would not be the easygoing year that he had hoped for. Grabbing the slices of cheese with one hand and holding the cup of tea in another, he ate for something to take his mind off the war.

Go Red Sox! Down with the Yankees! 😛

First off, the Pirate page 1 ship and weapon. New weapon: Cluster missiles. Basically some missiles packed together and launched at the same time, they split off and can home in on several targets. Do twice as much damage as regular missiles all combined. Individually, its one-half the power.
New ship is the Deborah-class missileboat.
Shields: 55
Armor: 20
Speed: 450
Accel: ••••
Turning: ••••
Fuel: 6 jumps
3 tri-photon cannons
2 tri-photon turrets
3 Cluster misile launchers and 16 cluster missile packs
Price: $2.3M, initially
Mac, do you really think I'm dumb enough not to immediately set up a CAP (Combat Air Patrol)?
This is it , spl_cadet thought. The damn Human Confederacy had come in, all guns blazing.
"Send a message to Asriel, see if he can get some back-up here," he ordered. "And get those damn colonists moving. I want all system defense forces here now! "
The ship rocked from more hits by the enemy warships. Well, they asked for it spl_cadet said to himself.
"Fire all HNR's at once, targeting the largest enemy ships. And a full barrage of tri-photon too. Have those ships which aren't engaged get over here. The Macross must be preserved at all costs! Get the Ghosts out there. I want every single enemy fighter and bomber dead, this instant!"
HNR's poured out of every single tube, along with LRBMs, the instant spl_cadet gave the order. The massive ordenance slammed into the lead cruisers of the HC fleet destroying one, and heavily damaging the other three. A wall of tri-photon power focused on the smaller ships, destroying several before turning its attention to the lead cruisers. Yet another exploded under the sheer force of the tri-photon turrets. Ghosts hunted down the enemy fighters and bombers, using their superior manueverability and speed to effortlessly destroy several squadrons. But the Macross was in a bad position, beginning to fail. At that moment, the colonists of Perseus arrived with their defense force. Two Peregrines and 93 Starscreamers. The Starscreamers bombarded the smaller HC ships with guided propulsion mines, tearing them to pieces. The tri-photon batteries aboard the Macross covered the defense force as it ripped through the HC fleet. But the Macross' armor was in poor shape at 10% and falling. 5%. 4%. 3%. And then abruptly, it stopped falling. At the same time, two large explosions dominated space. The two remaining Battlecruisers, victim to Buster Cannons. Awed by the massive display of firepower, and not knowing if they were next, the HC ships began a full retreat. spl_cadet sighed with relief and ordered his forces not to pursue. They had done enough fighting for one day.
Moral of the battle: Do not try and **** me over while I am asleep. Also, if I happened to miss out on some important detail, like this particular group of ships was also attacking my flagship, tough. That post was damn hard to read.
Macavenger's fleet: (heading back to Propus)
2 Freedom class cruisers
2 Skyhawk carriers
4 Skyblade frigates
2 Destroyer M7's
8 Destroyer M8's
3 Hammerhead gunboats
12 Tigershark Gunboats
12 Stingrays
12 Swordfish
28 Skates
35 Devil Rays
spl_cadets fleet:
1 Macross, SDF-1 Macross
3 Drakes
4 Halberds
98 Ghosts
12 Lancers
To: Asriel
From: spl_cadet
We need a good many of the new Deborah-class missileboats. They should prove useful in countering any more HC attacks. We also need to get this fleet rebuilt.
End Message

Mechanical engineers build weapons. Civil engineers build targets.
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Ok, spl_cadet, I don't know what was so hard about my post to rad, but obviously you didn't understand a few things.

First, the only ships in range of your Macross's HNRs are the 3 Enterprise Cruisers and their support, and only one cruiser is in range of the Tri Photon Turrets. I think you're also overestimating the HNRs. Your Macross isn't maneuverable enough to change that significantly. That voids a bunch of your post right there. Further, you've got three Enterpirse Cruisers pounding your hull, which was already about 50 %. I don't think it would last long.

Now, my moderated version, from the HC perspective:

The HNRs on the Macross leaped out at the Enterprise Cruisers. HCS Sovereign rocked under heavy hits, but the shields held - barely. All three continued raking the Macross, dropping it's armor to 30%.


Smoke was pouring in the bridge of the nearly crippled HCS Nova. "Status?" asked the Commodore as he wiped blood off his brow.

"Last group of Missiles penetrated the shields, sir. We're in Turbolaser range; firing."

More fire hammered the ship, peeling off more armor. "Helm, take us into Particle Beam range.'

"Sir? That would -"

"you have an order, Lieutenant."

"Yes sir. Coming into range."

As Tri-Photon fire lanced into the Novba , her commander yelled intoh his intercom, "All hands to emergency escape pods!"

The pounding went on for a few seconds, beams and Turbolasers raking the Macross, until the armor went critical. "Helm, thirty degrees to starboard. Fire all Heavy Rockets, and prepare to eject the bridge module. All hands, set your weapons on auto and abandon ship!"

As escape pods began launching, the Nova swung towards spl_cadet's flagship. Heavy Rockets fired, ripping a jagged hole over the engine section. All guns continued firing even as the cruiser began to break up, and the bridge popped away, safely. The Macross also began to break up - then the hulk of the Nova hit it.


The resulting fireball took out several small ships on both sides. Another cheer erupted on the bridge of the Intrepid , but Mac would hear none of it. "Quiet, we've still got a job here. Report, tactical?"

" Sovereign has been seriously damaged, it's pulling back. Ambassador and Excelsior are still engaged, but taking some heavy damage. Devil Rays have docked."

"Send them back out to attack nu group.'

"Sir!" cried the sensor officer. "Planetary defense fleet incoming! I read 2 Peregrines and 93 Starscreamers!'

"Dispatch a fighter section to intercept. Skates and Stingrays. And redirect one of Thunder groups wings." Twelve Devil Rays would make exceedingly short work of the Peregrines, but you couldn't be too careful when dealing with that kind of firepower. Looking at his board, Mac also saw a group of Ghosts massing for an attack on his Devil Rays. "Firestorm Wing, Pheonix Wing, go help out Hammer group for me.'

The Ghosts began their charge and succeeded in making one pass through the interference from local Stingrays. Then, as they blew past, they were promptly blown to flaming dust by a volley of HALOs and Flak by Mac's Stingrays, which shot past the Devil Rays. "Thanks for the assist, boys," Hammer group's leader chimed in over the comm. "Elite Group from the Intrepid at your service. Pick a target, we'll get ou there.'

Meanwhile, the planet defenders had started a run on the capital ships, but ran into a similar fate as the Ghosts. The Starscreamers, flying in formation, were caught off guard by teh Stingrays' rapid attack, and never had a chance against the area-effect HALOs. A couple squirted away on tangents.

The wing of Skates accompanying sliced a few Starscreamers still on course with their cannons, then laid down a pattern of Rockets on the Peregrines, nearly crippling them. The following Devil Rays didn't even bother with Rockets, they just torpedoed them out of existence. turnign to attack the remainder of the fleet with bombs, another surviving group of Ghosts swept in and knocked out half of them, and then were hit hard by the return of the Stingray group that had destroyed the Starscreamers.

Meanwhile, the rest of the Devil Rays along with the heavy cruisers has almost destroyed spl_cadet's fleet, thoiugh the big ships were almost all badly damaged, with several ships including the HCS Ambassador destroyed. but spl_cadet's fleet was down to almost nothing. it looked as if the HC would soon be in control of Perseus...


Macavenger's fleet:
1 Interpid-class Cruiser (45 Stingrays deployed)
2 Enterprise-class Battlecruisers (both heavily damaged)
1 Freedom-class Cruiser (56 Stingrays deployed)
3 Skyhawk Carriers
6 Skyblade Frigaes
4 Destroyer M7s (18 Stingrays deployed)
6 Destroyer M8s
3 Hammerhead Gunboats
11 Tigershark Gunships
26 Stingrays
14 Swordfish
35 Skates
37 Devil Rays
spl_cadet's fleet:
3 Drakes (moderate damage)
3 Halberds (moderate damage)
32 Ghosts
7 Lancers
Perseus Defense fleet:
4 Starscreamers

- Macavenger | e-mail: (url="http://"")

Rak sat in the floating leather command chair situated high above the command center of the jumpgate. The chair used anti-gravity mechanisms to levitate in the middle of the circular command bubble. The left arm of the chair contained communications equipment, while the right indicated the status of the gate as well as the status and orders of the 16th CBG (Composite Battle Group). The command center itself is a circular bubble at the "top" of the gate. Its shielding is top-notch plasma wave absorbtion, its armor is reinforced tritanium composite. The interior was designed for egronomics and power. The entire front wall of the center was composed of pressure sealed steel laced plexiglass which provided an amazing view of the front of the jumpgate. In the center of the canopy a large viewscreen resided, capable of playing almost anything at high resolution. The bubble is divided into two layers, the top and bottom. The bottom layer is full of computer access terminals and people. About 10 feet above the rucus, the commander's chair floats. About 20 feet above that, there is a catwalk with specially designed gunports and steel barricades. It is designed so that soldiers can fire without exposing themselves. At the end of each catwalk there are a pair of high power quad-plasma turrets. These turrets fire four high explosive plasma bolts at a rate of 200 per minute. They are angled so as the be able blast behind the catwalk barricades, and also to be able to shoot through the blast door if it is breached. Behind the turrets is an armory, complete with two recon speeders and three mobile turrets.

A highly decorated Marine Corporal entered the room. He signaled for the comm officer to buzz Rak, which the officer did. Rak lowered his chair down to ground level and addressed the Corporal: "Is the awards ceremony set to begin?"

"Yes, Sir," the Marine replied.

"Please go and attend, Corporal." Rak spoke.

"Yes, Sir." The Marine then left hastily.

Rak activated the intercom: "Okay people, I will be leaving you for a short while. Hold down the fort and do whatever is necessary to keep the Alien threat contained."

Rak then jumped out of his chair and strode along out the open blast door, tailed by his four bodyguards.
At the awards ceremony, Rak distributed the following medals: Medal of Honor to Staff Sergeant John Waker, for his bravery in confronting and defeating a deadly threat, sacrificing his life for those of others; Silver star to Private David Briggs for his bravery in exposing himself by opening the blast door in the face of adversity; Medal of Courage to those two turreters who stayed on post to protect others.
Back at the command center, Alan was informed of a disturbing development. The sensitive transwarp reception net had intercepted an interesting communication. The large-screen moniter exploded into life, playing an audio file in a strange alien tongue. The moniter displayed information on the clip, and an English translation. The message was from an ambitious Alien Commander who wanted permission to launch a strike on Rak. "Well, well," Rak thought, "so I may have to execute military supremacy faster than I thought." An evil smile crossed Rak's mature face.
Rak made quite a few posturing changes in his fleet. He placed the Cloak & Dagger and his Enterprises right behind the exit of the jumpgate, ready to launch a barrage of turret and heavy rocket fire into the engines of any attackers. He also placed his fighters in a ring around the gate opening, ready to engage any fighters or capital ships that evaded the reach of the capital ships. He placed his remaining ships out of range facing the jumpgate, ready to fire waves of torpedoes.
Admiral Mark James set his fleets course for Kaujathin, preparing to reinforce Rak and provide a strong fleet for attacking.
The Fallen One outpost was almost finished by the time James' fleet entered Kaujathin. It is now currently undergoing weapon and shield tests, and will be ready for combat in under a day.
OOC: Is it possible to shut-down or limit the use of the jumpgate?
Type: Priority One Message
To: President Macavenger
From: Alan Rak (Fleet Intelligence Agency)
I feel that we need to shutoff or limit the use of the jumpgate for now, and concentrate on cleaning up our galaxy of the low-class pirate scum.

Also, I have secured a contract with a technical consulting firm, OmniGroup Consulting. Their advisors will arrive at Kaujathin in a few hours, and will provide the HC with advanced analysis and opinion. Right now, I have a team of economics advisors, chaired by the famed Eugene Deetrick (@lan), at the base.

Prepare to succumb to superior strategic intelligence
The Media: (url="http://"")AP Photo of the Day(/url)-(url="http://"")CNN(/url)-(url="http://"")New York Times(/url)-(url="http://"")Washington Post(/url)
Military Technology: (url="http://"")Army(/url) - (url="http://"")Navy(/url) - (url="http://"")Air Force(/url)
HC of a major (url="http://"")Planetarion(/url) alliance -(url="http://"")IRC(/url) Master!

Initial money -- $120M

Ships Purchased
40 Deborah missileboats
18 Starscreamers

10 Deborahs to Warlord Asriel, 29th fleet
10 Deborahs to Mercenary Kaptain Karl, 19th fleet
20 Deborahs, 18 Starscreamers to Chieftain spl_cadet, 1st fleet

Remaining money -- $1M


Asriel's Fleet
12 Drakes
80 Corvettes
50 Gunstars
50 Starscreamers
75 Lancers
10 Deborahs


"Let's move!"

Asriel had quickly read over spl_cadet's message, and the fleet was now mobilizing for Perseus. Asriel's fleet was quite massive -- 277 ships -- but they were all quite fast. Asriel spoke quietly to his most trusted lieutenant, Tasina.

"Tasina, he says that the HC fleet just jumped on his Macross and smashed it to bits. He also says that they have 3

OOC: Asriel, I remind you briefly that fleets under attack can't be reinforced, however spl_cadet's fleet will get what you've assigned him once either my fleet or his leaves the system.


Alarms began wailing aboard the HCS Intrepid as Asriel's fleet entered the system. Mac cursed and looked over his tac displays. "Do the Stingrays have much ammo left?"

"Negative sir. Ours have the most, but none have more than a few rounds left in the HALO tubes."

"Elite group, Flame group, go after Asriel's fleet. Juke the Lancers and go for the Gunstars and Starscremaers. All Tigersharks: Engage new arrivals immediately, cover the Stingrays. Hawk Group (OOC: Skates): set up for a run on the new Pirate fighters. Remaining Skyblade Frigates: screen us against incoming. Hawk, Elite, and Flame, set for A-Wing slash on Asriel's fighters, coordinate timing on your own. Devil Rays and their escorts, keeping hammering spl_cadet's fleet. Stingrays from the HCS Bluefin and the destroyed Freedom Cruisers, find someplace to dock and replenish your ammo, immediately."

As Asriel's fighters moved in to attack the HC warships, the 45 Stingrays from the Intrepid intercepted them with their remaining HALO Missiles, while dodging incoming fire from the Lancers. the HALO salvo blew up a few pirate fighters, and the Stingrays split off just before they got within range of the main line, sweeping onto the Lancers' tails. Before any Pirate fighters could react, the swift Skates of Hawk group swept through in their wake, firing a full and devastating salvo into to teeth of the main Pirate fighter formation. Heavy Rockets slammed many fighters, destroying several, then Flak Cannons chewed up many of those that remained. All over Mac's fleet, Stingrays streamed in to dock, preparing to launch again and offer additional damage. The Tigersharks finally caught up with the fighter group and began tearing at the Lancers.

While Mac watched, he turned quickly to his comm officer. "Snap off a message to Zen, tell him to capture Sauron, then be ready to either reinforce me here or engage KK at my order."

Mac looked back over the battle in time to see two Halberds die to the devastating gunnery of the Devil Ray squadrons. The only hole is flurry of orders had left was spl_cadet's Ghosts, and he knew it, but it simply couldn't be helped. The fighters all had adequate Stingray cover, but most of his capital ships couldn't be defended effectively. The Ghosts massed into a couple packs and began strafing runs on some of the remaining cruisers, but their firepower wasn't enough to do fatal damage to most.

Mac turned again to his tactical desk. "Any of our Devil Ray groups still have a full bomb load?"

"The wing from Thunder group that you sent after those Peregrines earlier, sir."

"Send them out behind the Stingrays after they relauncxh, they're to see what they can do with with Asriels Drakes. Remind them to stay behind the Stingrays."

"Aye sir."

A group of Stingrays had already been prepped and relaunched. They set out towards Asriel's fleet, followed by 12 Devil Rays from Thunder Group...


My Fleet:
1 Intrepid-class Battlecruiser (44 Stingrays deployed)
2 Enterprise-class Battlecruisers
1 Freedom-class Cruisers (54 Stingrays, 24 deployed, 30 will launch during next battle post by anyone, targeting spl's Ghosts)
3 Skyhawk Carriers
6 Skyblade Frigates
3 Destroyer M7s (13 Stingrays deployed)
5 Destroyer M8s
2 Hammerhead Gunboats
10 Tigershark Gunships
22 Stingrays
13 Swordfish
33 Skates
36 Devil Rays
spl_cadet's fleet:
1 Halberd
2 Drakes
29 Ghosts
3 lancers
Lord Asriel's Fleet:
12 Drakes
77 Corvettes
62 Lancers
9 Deborah Missile Boats
22 Gunstars
13 Starscreamers
Perseus Defense Fleet:

- Macavenger | e-mail: (url="http://"")

The Senester system had grown quiet. All enemy ship traffic, commercial or military, had been destroyed during the swift moments of destruction. The Rebellion had certainly taken the Empire by surprise. As the usual sounds of operating computers and sensors buzzed throughout the bridge of the Liberty , Commander Deckerd broke the silence.

"Sir, long range sensors indicate that Lieutenant Commander Jimbob has successfully gained a foothold in the Verdica system. Rear Admiral Ace has beaten back a minor alien attack in Torick, and awaits further orders."

As Skyblade heard the reports, he slowly turned his chair around and glanced at the chart of the Sentarus Galaxy placed before him. After collecting his thoughts and glancing at fleet numbers, he turned to Deckerd.

"Contact Commander Jimbob. He's to immediately attempt to capture the Verdica system, and as swiftly as possible. The 101st, in the meantime, will be preoccupied with Senester defense fleet. Rear Admiral Ace is to begin his own offensive on the Rikard system, and capture the Imperial foothold there. Perhaps a full scale attack will put the enemy on the run, or bring them face to face with our growing and stubborn navy."

"Right away sir," Deckerd responded in his warm tone. He passed the orders to the numerous comm operators who went about their business to the rear of the gigantic command deck.

Skyblade looked through his viewscreen, directly toward the planet of Senester.

"You won't be quiet for long," Skyblade thought. "Perhaps the years of oppression are only beginning for you, the very destroyers of the human race within the Milky Way."

= = = = = = = = = =

I need an alien player to choose defense fleets (50 million credit's worth) for the Senester, Rikard, and Verdica systems.

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GameRanger: -Sß- Captain Skyblade | Skyblade86
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Senester: 2 Destroyers, 6 Interceptors (3 mil for extra weapons (I dont know) )

Rikard: 2 Heavy Cruisers

Verdica: 2 Heavy Cruisers

Unless I'm mistaken Rear Admiral Azdara Ace isn't supposed to have "3 Titan Battlecruisers".

RC: I don't know about Azdara's fleet... You'll have to ask Mac about that.

= = = = = = = = = =

Skyblade was still staring at Senester (mostly because of his lack of sleep) when the sensors operator spoke aloud.

"They're coming, sir. A small defense fleet comprising of two Imperial Destroyers and Interceptors are now preparing to strike. Their estimated range is 210,000 kilometers, and closing fast. Weapons armed."

"Alert the rest of the fleet," Skyblade said as he awoke from his day-dreaming. "Senester will soon be taken care of."

As the enemy fleet became visable across the Liberty 's viewscreen, seeker modules began to arrive. A few Dreden fighter craft along the front lines were swept away as the enemy closed in. A warm welcome awaited them. A green, warm welcome.

The six alien Interceptors which lead the attack were destroyed nearly simultaneously. Thousands of bursts from the deadly plasma cannons of the 101st let loose their wrath. Before the Interceptors were in their own firing range, four of them had been destroyed, the remaining two badly damaged. Plasma stingers finished them off.

The Imperial Destroyers had a little more luck. The dense shielding protected them from the majority of the plasma fire, although shielding had dipped well below half-normal status by the time they engaged the 101st. The slow movement of the alien Destroyers had already signed their death warrent, however. As the two marrauding craft managed to destroy a Dreden Destroyer, hundreds of plasma torpedoes and stinger rockets pelted them. Alien shielding technology was impressive (as good as the Dreden's), but not fast enough to sustain the immense firepower. Moments later, they were no more. Senester was again silent, with no force to protect it from invasion.

Deckerd didn't have to be told what to do. He immediately gave the order, and Dreden warships raced toward the hostile planet, bombarding it as they went. After a few hours of fierce fighting, Senester had fallen into Dreden hands. The Empire had lost yet another system to their once-harmless enemies.

Surprisingly, the people of Senester were more than happy to be stripped of Imperial rule, even it they were not humans. Signs of hardship and oppression were everywhere, which had put the Empire's very own people against them. An Empire indeed...

= = = = = = = = = =

101st Warfleet Stats:
101st Warfleet:

  • 01 Liberty Battlecarrier
  • 35 Thunderclap Destroyers (1 destroyed)
  • 40 Hawk Gunships
  • 45 Lynx Heavy Fighters (1 destroyed)
  • 62 Cricket Interceptors (1 destroyed)

Senester defense fleet destroyed, and now under occupation of the Dreden Rebellion

(url="http://"")Saber Studios(/url) - Your source for original EV/O/N graphics.
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2 Battlecruisers for rebel council
2 Battlecruisers for Saint
2 Battlecruisers for Jager
2 Battlecruisers for Kylethekender

14 mil leftover.


In a dimly lit room RC and his comrades discucced new tactics to deal with the rising threat of the rebels.

Just then a voice rang trought the alien walls.

"Emperor, we have recived reports that the rebels have attacked several of our systems. How shall we respond?"
RC: "Damn! Those dirty slimebags( :p) don't waste any time. Did we recive the planetary scans of the fleets?"
"Ahh, yes Emperor , we did. "
RC: "Good, pach them trough and proceed to the Ellsondor system"


-Subspace transmission to the 12th Fleet of the Alien Empire-

Under the direct orders of the Emperor you are to position your selves in the Vork system. Stand by in the Vork system for furthem orders.



Both fleets moved into position encountering little to no resistance.

As the 12th fleet jumeped into the Vork system it hailed the planet
"Drop down you weapons or die!"

2 Athena Battlegunships and an Odysseus Cruiser burst out of the atmophere. guns blazing they attack wiht great speed. The interseptors shot out of the bays. The four destroyers opened fire on the approaching ships and the interseptors(20) where already dodging the plasma rockets attacking the Cruiser. The Cruiser din't stand a chance but 4 interseptors where shot down by Athena fire. the Athenas moved toward the fleet, as they did the capital ships unleashed a devastating barrage of seeker modules smashing the ships to bits.

The fleet moved forth bombarding the planet ... the surrender came soon after.

Vork under Alien controll!

OOC: Mac, I don't think you can destroy that many Gunstars and Starscreamers, and get out with that few Stingrays destroyed. Just a thought. Remember, tri-photon cannons are quite powerful, and I'm sure that SOME shots hit your ships.


Asriel swore as he saw the HALO Rockets tearing into his fighters. Obviously, something more than a small fighter group was needed here.

Seconds later, five Drakes and 77 Corvettes were tearing into the pack of HC fighters, along with 10 Gunstars. Heavy rockets exploded left and right against the Stingrays and Skates, destroying ship after ship. Tri-photon bolts also slammed into the hulls of the Skates and Stingrays, virtually destroying the pack of them.

The Drakes and Corvettes then veered off to intercept the 30 Stingrays heading for spl_cadet's Ghosts. A pile of Heavy Rockets smashed into the Stingrays, destroying many outright, and then tri-photons took out many of the others.

At the same time, in another part of the system, 62 Lancers were busy disintegrating the Swordfish. There were five Lancers on a Swordfish, so that didn't take too long. They skirmished briefly with the Devil Rays, but judged them to be too numerous, and retreated to where the Drakes and 'Vettes were.


Mac's fleet:
1 Intrepid-class Battlecruiser
2 Enterprise-class Battlecruisers
1 Freedom-class Cruisers
3 Skyhawk Carriers
6 Skyblade Frigates
3 Destroyer M7s
5 Destroyer M8s
2 Hammerhead Gunboats
10 Tigershark Gunships
58 Stingrays (total)
28 Devil Rays

Lord Asriel's Fleet:
11 Drakes
70 Corvettes
41 Lancers
9 Deborah Missile Boats
19 Gunstars
13 Starscreamers

spl_cadet's fleet:
1 Halberd
2 Drakes
29 Ghosts
3 lancers

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Jimbob defeated all the defense fleet of Verdica when he caught 2 Alien Heavy Cruisers approaching from the left. "Damn, just when I had it" he muttered under his breath. All were ordered to bear their Plasma torpedos to the two ships. The torpedos hit dead on, and took away about ten percent of each ships sheilds. The second round did the same. The fighters dove in for close range battle, and took away 15 percent from one, and 12 from the other. They flew out and swung back for a second attack while the larger ships began firing stinger launchers. This really added a punch to the attack. The alien ships sheilds began encountering turret fire, and they quickly fused out. The remaining fighters finished off on of the first cruiser. They returned back to the GT-ONE. The Destroyers, Cuisers, and Gunships began firing heavily against the last one. It didn't take long to destroy it. Vedica was taken over by the 42nd fleet of the Dreden Rebellion
All fighters returned
GT-ONE fighters: 35 Heavy Fighters, 39 Interceptors
10 Athena Battlegunships (1 heavily damaged, two lightly damaged)
10 Odyssues Cruisers (two moderately damaged)
27 Thunderclap Destroyers (One lightly damaged)
20 Hawk Gunships
GT-ONE: very light damage

Cause: Putting a V12 engine on a tricycle.
Effect: A dead 3 year old.
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