Chipping Fog?

Ambrosia's African Grey parrot mascot, Hector D Byrd, is quite a character. Just today he nose-dived into the smooth tile floors there at Ambrosia, with a remarkable "thud", and waddled into my office (leaving a trail of bird-droppings, no doubt to mark his return path).

Hector climbed on on the chair next to me as I was busily working away, and he started mumbling something about "chipping fog". I really have no idea what he meant, but then again, he speaks with a slight speech impediment, so it could have been anything.

"chipping fog chipping fog chipping fog chipping fog chipping fog chipping fog"

His behavior has really been rather off lately. He then lapsed into speaking French, babbling on about "Sortir le jeu PoG" -- and then he turned around and mooned me! I think the (url="http://"")French Candians are a bad influence(/url) on him.

Well, whatever, I'm just going to get back to work here.

Andrew Welch / el Presidente / Ambrosia Software, Inc.
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Yup they are shiping POG.


Excellent. If anyone here wants a laugh, read this topic on both Ambrosia Banter and Just Chat.

And as to the comment made by theGlueBubble on the Coldstone boards, it seems that you would have made a lot of money!


"Any good that I may do here, let me do now, for I may not pass this way again"