EV:Pale Help - Lost mission string

Warning: spoiler below...

I've finished the make peace with rebels/confeds part of the mission, and the subterfuge series. I finished the lucas missions, and have investigated/shipped cargo to orion.

now, i can't seem to find any missions anywhere! any ideas?


update: found it again; I'm now at the point where I get free Locust escorts on Curzon station. Is t he plug over?


Wow. You finished that mission set in one day? That's 42 missions, and they're not too easy.

Yup, that's the end of the plug.

Your Friendly Neighborhood Pale Developer

I would say wow too, but with a slightly different meaning. 🙂

I'm finding the Pale missions annoying in that I'm trying to side with the Rebels, but I keep having to blow up these Rebel convoys. So far only a few Rebel places don't like me, but even that's too many because all the confed places hate me and it would stink to not have anywhere to go.

A few questions of my own, in case this post ever gets read by someone that might be able to answer them (if that doesn't happen I'll submit a new topic): What ever happened to that mission string about the pirates mysteriously evading detection on some attacks? I haven't got anything to do with that for a long time now... Actually that's the only question I have right now, but I do have a bug report and I'm wondering if anyone else experienced the problem; even if I have enough space a credits, there is no "buy" button for Tritanium Armor and Mass Expansions. Its getting really annoying, especially since I have extra cargo space that I'd like to use to store ammo...

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