shhhhhh.... The middle man is being nice

Humble Indie Bundle

Well, despite the website not liking middle men, i just wanted to point out that Aquaria can be yours this week for the looooow low price of... WHATEVER YOU WANT.

Yup... Pick the price.

The Humble Indie Bundle, where you pay what you want, then decide if the money is going to the developers, to charity, or split them.

The games are:
World of Goo

It's a DRM free version of the products, and Ambrosia won't be supporting it, but it is something I wanted to pass onto the masses. It runs this week.


p.s. Don't say I never did anything for ya

So does Aquaria move to unsupported status now because of this?

:take off hood: I doubt it., but we will see what Alec says.

Ambrosia will not be supporting the version included in the Humble Bundle. We will support the version we publish and sell here.

What are the repercussions for Ambrosia when Aquaria goes open-source?

-Peter Story

Is there a chance of a 1.1.3 update for the ASW version? If so, I have a couple of minor bugs to report as well.

Well now that the open-source commies have gotten their grubby hands all over our precious games, they'll want you to file a Launchpad ticket and then fix it yourself. Also, it goes without saying that these projects won't be well-documented, so RTFS for you, pal. Sorry guys, now you're on your own. Hope you've brushed up on your C++.

I have no idea what's is the pipeline for our version of Aquaria. We're still selling it and supporting it. If you do have a bug to report for our version, please submit it via our support form. Thanks 😉