just picked up the game again...

after not playing for eons

I'm surprised at how fun it was to go back to it.

Mind you, i was quite tired of playing it. I beta tested it for eons, showed it at multiple expos, and after staring at anything you will get tired.

But, I picked it up last night during some time of Insomnia... Started a fresh game, and before I knew it, hours had vanished.

Just saying, congrats to Alec for making a great game that I can come back to a year later and enjoy!

Indeed, Aquaria is a very fun game. It's a shame that there really isn't a big Aquaria modding community here (I know that there are some PC Aquaria users who are modding, but not much going on around here).

I'd be modding right now if all my good computers weren't broken. I mean how else will Ferazel be ported? 😄

The 10.6.3 update fixed the huge transparency bug that my MacBook has had since 10.6 came out so I plan to starting another epic adventure pretty soon.

At least the sacrifice mod on the bit-blot forums is cross-platform. And quite fun to boot.

As for the base game, I always find it hard starting afresh especially after having played through energy temple so many times during the windows demo and mac beta periods. Need to do it once more and then make a point of saving various progress points. But having made sure I covered absolutely everything in my first run through back in beta, in a few instances thanks to the bit-blot forums having already established full walkthroughs, e.g. sun temple door, walker treasure and a few others; there is less motivation to go back.

I only ever did that first completion and then a just under 3 hour speed run though, so there's plenty of stuff I've only seen once in there.