Is anyone actually trying?

I was just wondering, because I am having some trouble with Nodes. I want it to make her sleep, and so I enter the word 'sleep' as the wiki says to do, and I don't get the glowing mouse when I mouse over it. Any reason why this doesn't work?


I ’ll answer your subtitle rather than your post: no. You can find some people actually doing stuff on Bit Blot’s forum, and on the wiki which you have already found, but that’s about it.

That's kinda sad, it's a great game, and the mod potential is incredible. sniff


I tried way back during the beta to do some things, but I couldn't figure it out, even while looking at the Wiki. For example, I wanted a level with no water. Couldn't do it.

I would start by asking the folks over on the Bit-Blot board.
Funny thing, I can't change the water level either.


People that want to know probably know by now, but there's certainly action going on on the bit-blot forums, and much of it is compatible with the Mac version too :).