Final Battle Question

Been playing FB and I'm stupped. How the heck do you blast that stupid Alien Homeworld?!
I've been playing down the Rebel line of missions if that makes any difference.
I've edited parts of FB so that I can buy those Plasmatic Weapon chargers and those do nothing at all!

I want it to be a bit of a challenge, but this is rediculus.

(My spelling of rediculus is most likely wrong)

Help me!!!!!

Could Somebody Dim The Sun? It's Too Bright

You don't blast the Homeworld. It was designed that way Go to the other place and join the mission to take out the alien command ship.


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Thanks. But honestly, that sucks! The Alien Flagship is so easy to beat! I'm going to destroy that Homeworld if it's the last thing I do! I've had an idea but no the time to test it out.

Thanks again.

Could Somebody Dim The Sun? It's Too Bright

You know, I started playing FB about a week ago, and I have to say, I'm damned annoyed. Working my way through the rebel missions, go to blow up the starbase, leave too soon, and it didn't record it. I'll have to start again if I want to see what happens next.

No, I don't have a question. Just bitching pointlessly. Carry on. 🙂

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what is FB?

FB is Final Battle, an excellent EV plugin that adds much stuff. I suggest you play it. Get it from the add-ons section, the Starlight Hotline server, or the Bounty Plus site - I forgot the URL.

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Just posted to say that I have not played FB yet,but I have done the rebel missions up to the aliens so I'd probably be ready to do FB.My question is where do I start or get a mission to activate the plug-In?Would I have to start a new pilot file? 😕