Kiki/NR updates

Kiki is coming along albeit slowly. I've got some new graphics to showcase when I finally get my site going again. I just bought a new computer a few days ago so that's slowing progress down considerably. New Republic is ALMOST DONE. I've got a ship or two left to model there and half a dozen missions to write. Then It's off to the beta testers. (Please don't ask to beta test the plug. the team has already been selected).

Also, seing as I really do dislike the board's new format, I'll be posting here less frequently until New Republic is fully finished and ready to hit the carving block.


AJ I am back..Been back just forgot your email and your never on Dalnet

Sent you some info about Kiki via e-mail.
I'm Maxx or Kundun on Dalnet. I just got a new comp so my ident and IP are different. I'm still in #anime! and #floyd occasionally.