Game hangs after initial loading screen

I'm trying to play this on my dual 1GHz G4 with 10.4 latest, and the game goes black and stops responding after the loading screen (with the blue bar and the two critters as bookends) finishes. This happens in both fullscreen and windowed mode, at both 800x600 and 1024x768.

Here are what appear to be all relevant logs from console.log:

2008-11-14 15:25:43.647 Aquaria(15219) applicationWillFinishLaunching
calling runConfigDialog

It stays with low cpu usage when loading, and ramps up to 200MB used; when it completes, it jumps to 100% cpu. It does not respond to Force Quit from the dock the first time.

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Hello, thank you for the message. We will look into this right away!

Our tech support might be contacting you to gain further knowledge of your system to reproduce the problem in house, and thus allow us to fix it.

Hello Vorn,
While your system falls below system specs, it shouldn't fail to load. I think the best thing to do is to get a process sample and send it to use ( You can do this via Activity Monitor in your Utilities folder. Open it up and select Aquaria (should be in red if it's hung), and click on the Sample Process button. Copy everything in the new window and paste it into the e-mail to us. We could also use your system profile just in case:

1. Select "About this Mac" from the Apple menu and click on "More Info...". This will launch the System Profiler.
2. Once open, select "Save" from the file menu. Save the file to someplace like your desktop.
3. Attach that file in an e-mail to us.

Thanks 🙂

Hold down option when you open up Aquaria, and then try turning off framebuffer effects and Vsync.

@zamzx-zik, on Nov 14 2008, 04:33 PM, said in Game hangs after initial loading screen:

Hold down option when you open up Aquaria, and then try turning off framebuffer effects and Vsync.

Trying that now - it does not appear to change anything.

While I'm at it, could someone md5sum a known good dmg? Mine is 002bbef84c89c09673d52c21ab2eb71a .

While it is not likely that my problem is caused by a corrupted download (I believe dmgs self-checksum), I would like to at least eliminate it as a possibility.

Using md5sum, I got 002bbef84c89c09673d52c21ab2eb71a as well. I think your disk image is OK.

I had that exact same problem on a Mac Pro running Leopard with the latest patches. Rebooting fixed it.

I tried several other resolutions and vsync/framebuffer/fullscreen setups, and didn't find anything that worked.

I thought maybe it was using my hand-built versions of lua and/or SDL, but it appears to use the bundled SDL, and doesn't externally link Lua at all - probably built in to the executable. (This from the result of otool -L)

There's another thread over in the Help On The Way forum that appears to have the same problem, but is definitely on a non-underspecced computer. I'm betting there's some similarity in our setup that makes baby aquaria cry.

Without a lot more yelly logging I won't be able to figure anything more out on my own.

Oh, and as a point of note - this is the demo.

EDIT: as I wrote this, cheleball's post showed up. I'll try a reboot.

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It works like a charm! ...and it runs at full speed at 1024x768 resolution and with all the goodies. I don't think dual 1ghz is actually underspecced at all.

...oh my god it's like three times as fast as it is on my (really old) PC. I'm gonna diiiieeee....

Yeah, now you mention it the same thing happened to me initially too. It was something to do with streaming audio files but it all came fine after a restart.

Reminds me of the old days when most apps suggested that you restart after installing.

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