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To put it in Ares terms, the odds of it getting ported are about the same as a Gaitori Fighter beating a Cantharan Gateship in playful one-on-one combat...

...But it is still possible, correct? The right ship in the right hands can take out anything.

Now that I feel confident enough in my rudimentary skills in C++ and XCode/Project Builder, I feel I can finally post on this issue. If anybody ever looks at this board anymore, please post to see if we can do a port or sequel.

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@gavin83209, on Feb 23 2008, 12:07 PM, said in ARES X:

...But it is still possible, correct? The right ship in the right hands can take out anything.

Now that I feel confident enough in my rudimentary skills in C++ and XCode/Project Builder, I feel I can finally post on this issue. If anybody ever looks at this board anymore, please post to see if we can do a port or sequel.

Well, I was thinking about this recently as well. I don't have any coding experience really, but I do a lot with graphics and graphic design. I would totally be up for trying to make an Ares X. Let me know.


I didn't expect a post this soon (thought these boards were deserted). To be quite honest, graphics work scares me and I would need a person to help with that. Any and all help is appreciated.

It really was coincidence that I even stopped by the boards and saw your post. I was thinking about Ares recently, and the other day just decided to see the site, which led me to the forum. If you have AIM, my s/n is eveningtoast, feel free to IM me about it, and we can talk about this in more detail.

I unfortunately do not have an AIM account, although I am perfectly willing to talk about it over a PM or on this board.

Oh ok, no problem. Sure, PM, messaging, any of that will be work.
I was just thinking that some real time conversation could be useful as well.
Okay, so first thing, I think we need to agree on a scope here. Are we literally just talking about porting the game over, story for story, or do we want to 'continue the story' from where it left off? Do we want to expand some of the ideas and features?
Personally, I think we should continue the story as there would be minimal point in re-doing the old missions. But thats just my 2 cents.


My first thought was to do a port, but after some thought, I do believe that you are right and a continuation would probably be better. As for features, I believe that if we could give more choices to the player like the Escape Velocity games it would be a bit of an improvement. Maybe even simple things like choosing which of the allowed starships to start from. More ideas could be the ability to capture ships and blockade running missions.

Sounds good. I will see what I can start doing with graphics. I need to get a OS9 machine running again so I can get screen shots to work from. Any idea on how you want to start building this thing?


Not much of an idea, no. I think the easiest way would probably be an open-source engine to tweak and modify, although that could go a couple of ways.

I love the idea of a game combining EV's freedom with the fleet management and planet control abilities of Ares.

Perhaps you should try to contact Ares's original creator, Nathan Lamont? I think he works with this site:

Of course, just getting a OS X version of Ares would be great.

Good Luck

The Tree

That is a small amount of progress, but I hear that other people have tried similar methods of contacting him and those that made it had been turned down. I will take this into consideration, preferably after we have made enough progress to at least look credible. See this page for a previous attempt. If you compile the block of code on the second page it actually says "Never Happen" if you type Ares2 and press return. <_<

EDIT: The most recent post on biggerplanet's forums is 1 year 30 weeks ago. Looks a dead to me.

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I seem to recall incidentally e-mailing Ambrosia with this idea.

I believe that they said, that if there was enough call for it, it may happen. Of course, that was about a year and a half ago, so...
If you want to try, go ahead. I happen to have a copy of Ares, left over.

I do as well. Believe it or not, the copy on my old G3 is pre-Hera (I think v1.1.1). It is good to see that some people still take an interest in Ares.

I'm working on an EVN-like game called Dawn Of Infinity. I'm converting the tremulous codebase into a 2d top-down game. If you can help me with that, I could easily switch to ares style. It has built in graphics rendering, camera zooming, building capabilities (you can build a base in trem). Oh, don't forget the armory. It makes it easy to switch what ship your in.
send a pm to Captain Bob on these forums if you want to help.

I am very interested, but I feel that I should remind everyone of this:

@gavin83209, on Feb 23 2008, 10:07 AM, said in ARES X:

Now that I feel confident enough in my rudimentary skills in C++ and XCode/Project Builder, I feel I can finally post on this issue.

I know the basic operations, but I still am learning the language.

After some thought, I have come up with a handful of questions:
1. Does DoI support Ares style dialogs (at the edge of the screen in addition to the floating ones with arrows seen in the tutorials)?
2. Does the construction feature use some form of regenerating resources?
3. Does the computer work similarly to the one in Ares? The most important features are the transfer control, build, next message/page, and mission objectives.
4. After glancing over DoI, I have gathered that it is fully internet capable. Is this permanent, or is there an on/off switch, a single player mode or other similar control?
5. Please correct me if I am wrong, but I'm assuming that you have the hyperjump system over the level system that Ares uses, given your brief description. I don't have much of a problem with either, given prior thought into an Nova-Ares Conversion. I have a plug that will let you fly the Ishiman fighter with some basic missions, but that's about it. It isn't uploaded, but I can upon request.

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1. Not implemented yet, but its not hard to make pop-up dialog boxes with story bits in them.
2. The construction feature can be very easily modified to use regenerating resources.
3. All of the available build items are stationary for now, but I could make it possible to use build points to "call in" or spawn a friendly AI bot. The computer has not been added quite the same as ares right now. Currently it is a mouse-based build menu, but that can be changed (with quite a bit of coding mind you, its not high on the list).
Note that the construction feature will be based loosely on the build features in tremulous (
4. DoI is meant to be fully multiplayer capable. However, it is possible to implement a single-player scenario, as was done with Quake 3.
5. I haven't implemented hyperjumps yet. My current intention is to make the goal of every map to "land" on a hyperjump spot, which will allow you to choose which system to jump to (another map, or the same map with different characteristics)

My plan with this plug was to make it mostly nova-like, but perhaps if you help we can make it a fusion of the two.
You don't need to know too much C to help. There won't be any GUI coding for a while, and we're still working out the basics.

Sounds like this is probably the engine that we will be using. All of the other open source engines that I found didn't support enough features like these to do much more than a single player campaign. I couldn't get the SVN to compile, so I am not sure quite what to do. If this is important, I am using mainly Xcode 2.0 and the rest of the Tiger tools. If necessary, I can upgrade to 2.5.

As a side note, this forum has roughly 1,100 views as of this writing.

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Don't worry about compiling it, were still having difficulties.
I think that using linux to compile it will work. I'm testing it now.

PM Captain Bob, he'll get you up to speed.

Thank you for discussing this! I love you guys :wub:

I am thrilled to read that others remember this game Ares. Now about an OS X version, wouldn't you need the source code to do a "true" conversion? I know that Bungie was willing to release their code of Myth 2: Soulblighter and dedicated fans made a polished OS X version of the game. Great idea! Ambrosia on the other hand, has failed to update their great games that I PAID for: Barrack, Slithereens, Cythera, and Ares.

Come on Ambrosia, update Ares to OS X pleeeeeease. Or release the source code and let some fans do the work for you. You might just rekindle my interest in your company if you do. 🙂 Ares was the most recent Ambrosia game I paid for, because nothing since has been as good. And I can't even play it!

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