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How might one export Ares graphics in order to make a mask for, say, EVN? I'm hoping to use some of Ares' ship and/or weapon graphics in a TC for EVN I'm making.

Extracted versions of all of them are available here. Note that Ares uses 24 frames per sprite rather than EV's 36 (15° rotation per frame in place of 10°). I don't know what work will need to be done to make them suitable for EVN, though; I haven't dabbled in plugin creation since EV Classic.

If you have git and are familiar with it, then it's probably more convenient to git-clone git://

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It appears that you will need to take Pallas Athene's images and arrange each ship into a single grid image. I would just copy-paste the images into a new file using your graphics editor of choice and arrange them into a grid, one with standard color and the other with the ship white and background black as separate files (export to 1-bit B&W if possible). Then if you are using MissionComputer, you can set the grid spacing of the rleD to be, for instance 6x4 if you arranged them six across and four down. You might be able to do this in EVNEW, but I'm not sure.

My original post on Ares X that later came to be Xsera was the alternative to an Ares TC for Nova. I got a concept working that cannibalized the Shuttle and Light blaster in favor of an Ishiman Fighter.

Thanks a lot. Now I can get the ships I need to get the diversity I want in my TC.

Edit: Okay, after going to the link you showed me, Pallas Athene, I couldn't figure out how to actually get the files. How exactly does the site work?

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After you've navigated to the image you want to get, there will be a link to a "plain" version of the image (which in this case means, not interpreted as text). That's how you can get at the image itself.

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