Where is everyone?!

Sheesh. I disappear for a year or so for intensive treatment of dissociative identity disorder, and I come back to find the place a graveyard. I miss this community, for I (plural) had some good times.
Does anyone have the scoop, or am I alone?

Well, I'm around. I have/had a project-however, no telling how long until it is released.


I just lurk here. Not much has happened.

All dead n gone.
Appart from a few bar residents, there are few vets left.

Killed in the battle between os 9 and x

Never know, it might revive :laugh: :laugh:

I fear that Ares has gone the path of Bolo on Gameranger.... The games people play when they have slow computers....

I miss this game in general... I'm stuck on a PC...

Yah, dunno. I think the demographic shifted on to bigger and better things...

I'm around too, although that was an overstatement. I'm on a pc now...
I don't see much hope for Ares to come back, i was part of the latest try, i could be called a desaster. Good to see some action on the boards aggain 😉

If only it was ported to OS X I'd play it again. I miss Ares a lot. 😞

I miss it as well.

Such a great game, and I never got the chance to play multi.

Doesn't seem anyone here has the talent/time to develop a sequal.

@sargatanus, on Feb 17 2006, 12:03 PM, said in Where is everyone?!:

Doesn't seem anyone here has the talent/time to develop a sequal.

Talk about gravedigging... But its better if we have a zobie walking arond in the boards than nothing going on at all...

Another Problem would be that ambrosia would have to give permission to do it, though I hope they would do so.

We could start another try. I'm learning java and a bit of c++ at the moment. So if we could get another team together we might just do it. Beef up the graphics (more 3d-ish but no basical changes) and make it cross-platform, it could get to new glory...

...well, at least I tried 😉