Returning after 3-4 years, lol how is everyone?

oldschool ares "vets" and the goodoldays

lol, so I somehow wandered across the ambrosia website after like 3 years of not being there and it reminded me of (tAg), the gameranger days, the magleague tournies and the many "ares vets" at the time. (slug, patrick, darkk) sorry if i missed anyone.. it's only been like 3 years.. but hey, we all spent a large chunk of time playing ares, making plugs, developing tournies, writing guides.. posting here.. etc..

so, how is everyone doing? I'm just wondering what people have been up to recently... so post here if you're like me and just browsing past these boards in the midst of a busy life and felt like taking the time to stop by and say hi.

and feel free to respond here even if you don't remember me or know any of these people i speak of. Judging from these boards, it seems that 1 post every 100 days is a record now.

Nah, there's still a few of us combat vets hanging around, mostly in the bar admittedly :blink:
some of us still (cough) play (cough, cough) Ares...

Welcome back to the grave yard. Your sig is megaoutdated there yo.

What? There's still another forum here? 😉

I think slug still pokes around, though mostly in the "Just *" department. They have better prices, or something. You can stalk Darkk on AIM still, not as frequently now.

Yeah, and Joveia seems to be running a page about Christianity these days. It's most odd.


Hey Jimmy and my fellow elders. I've taken up the position of "barkeep who comes in every month or so to see how things are going and make a quick post." 😄 Anic's been sticking around there, too.

Ah, for the great old days!

Jimmy! Has been forever. Ares has dried up a bit...

Hi Jimmy (bit late aren't I?).