Level 9 help!

I'm stuck!! There are too many enemies. Any tips? Thanks!


Could someone remind me about which level 9 was?

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Level nine... Is that assassination? The only way I know of beating that is just attack with everyone at once. If you fly each craft individually without your buddied following you, you will surely loose.

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chapter 9 is the one with defense drones. Just build lots of ships and keep them at your base until you have enough to kill the Cantharans.
Or, if you're a good pilot, build a gunship right at the beginning before the Carrier comes, target the gunship, fly to the neutral planet in the gunship, all the while building crusiers targeted on your gunship. Take over the neutral planet with a transport after killing the Cantharan Carrier, then capture the Cantharan planet

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Ugh, I hate that level. It always annoys me and it's always really hard.

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I tried beating that level with nothing but Defense drones, but it turns out I don't have the patience, even with F6.

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I beat it! Thanks! I'm on lthe level where you have to rescue the humans from each of the bases and bring them back to the Ares.


I did that once. Took forever with F6 on for them to get there. But when they got there, though... 😉

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I think level 9 was easy... 😉


Originally posted by Zarbe81:
I think level 9 was easy...;)

Me too. It was hard at first but then I just played it about five times in a row and now I never have any trouble.


Once in this level I took all my forces except 2 defence drones and assulted a large Cantharan fleet on the third planet. I quickly overcame the force. Then, most of the other Cantharan force saw that except 2 defence drones, my base was ungrauded, and they all warped there. I went back and crushed them. That left me with a fair sized fleet of Cruisers and Gunships and the Cantharans with a few defence drones and a nearly crippled Carrier. So I then warped to the Cantharan base and once again, quickly overcame the forces there. I then laid siege to the base until a transport arrived.

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