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The world as we know it has been shaped for millennia by conflicting and powerful forces and events. The rise and fall of empires, natural cataclysms, the emergence of new religions, political and economic upheaval, all have played their part in shaping the reality that we live in today.

But what if one of these events did not occur, an event of such singular importance that it's prevention could cause our universe to rapidly become strange and almost unrecognisable to us, as the absence of this one solitary event caused our fledgeling world to enter a new realm of uncertainty, with new rules, new powers and new people.......

Enter a world of darkness, where people strive for the light, a world of terrible magic and magnificent beauty, where the powers of darkness are at last being confronted by the Chosen, those with the ability and will to free humankind from their evil overlords for ever.

Enter the world of...... Epitheisterra

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Excellent - it would be very cool to see you guys get a game done.

To that end, I would say to plan EVERYTHING before actual development. Story board it, if you will. Have a defined leader, that's super important, and if you don't, it can easily tear game down. And, uh, all that other stuff. 🙂

Oh, one other thing...I thought Newswire items had to be approved...perhaps one of my fellow moderators approved it.

Fortress of Die Nacht: An upcoming game from Aviary Productions.
(url="http://"")Go take a look!(/url) | (url="http://"")FoDN Progress Log(/url)

OK, the proper press release is now up, instead of the crippled, half and half with really weird formatting. Somehow the newswire engine just didn't like it, so I've put it back together tag by tag by tag.... 17 freakin' edits! God!

Anyway, it's much better now. Enjoy!


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