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As some of you might know, I'm a university professor. I'm about to propose a class to teach here and would like your input. Is it necessary? Is the description understandable? I teach theatre, and see a very close connection between my field and RPG story development. Actually, I see what I've been doing for the past four years as theatre.

FA2890 Story Development for Role-Playing Games

Credits: 3 hrs.
Semesters Offered: Fall
Cost: $10 for room use
Pre-Requisite(s): none

Description: A study of the creative process for creating role-playing games for the video and computer industry. Emphasizes the Player as the main character; main character challenges; the relationships among bosses, story, and character; conflict; globals; events; conditionals; crafting systems; relationships between items and quests; and story. Students will concentrate on developing a story for a role-playing game, taking into consideration the demands and possibilities unique to the medium. While coding, sound, and graphic application programs like Poser will be discussed, the course concentrates on story development only.

And, yes, I wish I had Coldstone for students.

Being a college student myself, in my opinion unless you're an idiot that's easy to follow. 🙂

Debra, that description sounds good... makes perfect sense to me. If you plan on using any software for writing scripts/stories (I know there are a number of programs available for writing screenplays and such), you might want to include that, too.

Where is this class going to be taught? You can PM me or email me if you don't want to openly post that here.

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