launch problems

I'm not exactly sure why, but a while ago, my game stopped running through Coldstone. If you build it and open it through the browser it runs fine, but if you hit run in Coldstone it opens and quits before doing anything except display the toolbar.

It only happens with one game and has been happening for some time. It never occured to me to ask you guys if you ever heard anything of this.....

The 'Run' button was always flaky for me back when I was actually able to use Coldstone, especially under the Carbon client. Basically, it was hit and miss as to whether I'd get a compiled version of the game to test through, or whether I'd end up with a crashed CGE. It's on the 'known bugs list' if I remember correctly.

As a try-and-fix though, I'd suggest digging up and trashing your CS preferences files, and seeing if that makes a difference. If not, I'd advise just sticking to 'build' rather than run. Oh, and make sure you're not opening the newly built app in OSX, but in Classic - I'm afraid I can't remember if Coldstone defaults to building a Carbon binary or not, and I'm not sure where my CS CD is right now or I'd check.

But yes - try the preferences delete-then-reboot trick, otherwise I'd just say it's another issue that will just have to be worked around.


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