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Hi. I have two more game-wide arrays to build and alpha-test before I get down and dirty to start in with the main story lines. So I'm thinking about the story build. Hence this topic.

One of the things I don't like is needing to buy a dang book just to know what to do next. I know they do that to make more money, but I'm not interested in that. So I've been thinking about placing tasks in the story as a guide to help the Player know what he's supposed to do. But I'm also thinking of a keydown that would toggle the story guide on and off.

The story guide won't solve anything. It comes from what he encounters. It'll be something like, "Find the mushroom east of Ownrek's farm." He finds the mushroom and the guide says, "Take the mushroom back to Guildar." When the Player toggles this off, then under Tasks, he'll only have employment and news. When he toggles it back on, it won't show anything in the past, only future. To do this, I need to conditional every task when I build the story lines. So I need to decide before I begin.

There's a lot to do outside of the story lines like employment, so I'm thinking that the Player might forget where he's at with the story.

I'm seeking feedback on whether you think this is a good idea or not. Thanks!

Many games place a quest log in the player's inventory. The player can access this in several ways I can think of. Open inventory - select "use", or a keydown brings up quest log, or player goes to "Old Wise One" to find out what to do next. You do not need a conditional on each step of the storyline. If there is a natural sequence to events, all you need is a storyline global to keep track of where the player is.

When player picks up the purple mushroom, 1 is added to storyline global.

"If storyline global = 15, then dialogue is, 'Take the purple mushroom to Guildar.'"

If some things can be done out of order, you may need more than one global to keep things straight. You still may be able to use one global if different tasks add different amounts to global. For instance:

The purple mushroom adds 1 and the green apple adds 2. If storyline global = 14, find mushroom and apple. If storyline global = 15, find green apple. If storyline global = 16, find mushroom. If storyline global = 17, take items to Guildar.

Quest log, huh? Sounds like a plan. That way, the Player can easily keydown. No RPG I've played have offered this. But I've just played the mainstream. Thanks RD!

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