adding variable text onto a location

I am working on a project which I had been working on for years and only recently realized that I could do it with Coldstone.

It is a totally location oriented game. There arent any maps. It is just a simple one in which you click to get around the different screens. You have money to buy and sell to attempt to make a profit, and when traveling from world to world you randomely get into "encounters."

So I was hoping that on the top right portion of the screen it could display the planet which you are currently at. I tried creating a global variable for the planet name and then making an all white map interface and putting the global variable where I wanted it. Only to find that you cannot place variables on the interface. And so far I cannot think of any way to put one on the individual location.

So then I tried putting Karma there instead, and setting karma to the planet name, but karma can only be a number so it shows up as 0. I cannot think of any way to solve this.

So is there any way to get variable words to show up on a location, or a map for that matter?

There are. I can think of two ways right now. One would be to use "location name" and give the location the same name as the planet. Another way would be to use "character name", and change it to the name of the planet when you get to the location. But the easiest way of all would be to simply place the text in the location picture.

Good luck.

You can place stamps in main locations. You would need to make graphics with the planets' names. In the location window, use stamp control to place the graphic where you want it to be. It'll load then where you want the name of the planet to be.

You don't need an all-white anything. The stamp will be on top of your location pic.

You can do this. Good luck.