I feel stupid (need quick help)

I feel really stupid, but I had to redownload Ares because a nuisance(has been dealt with)deleted some my files. I realize that the .sea for ares is password protected and I haven't been able to find the password anywhere, its probably on there but I am just too blind to see it. If anyone could post it on here I would be very happy. Oh and why is the password on there? to keep unwanted customers away or what I find it quite annoying?

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just take my post, and imagine everything is speeled right.
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I'm not sure if what Pyro said is right, it doesn't look right. Anyway, it's right on the page where you download Hera...

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Pyro's lying, its not that...at least it really doesn't look like it.

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I dont freaking believe this! I have to say it 2x in 2 days! Anyway, it's geephor, for cryin' out loud... :rolleyes:

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