An idea

Do you think we could have a sub forum here for recruitment of coldstoners?

I'm not happy being the wet blanket on your fire, but how do you plan to recruit people to use software which needs resuscitation so badly?

lol, you get them to work on games and not release them until the update comes. I can wait. But I mainly need some for doing some preschool games that I can sell to people like toys r us stores.

The appropriate person to ask this question of would be either Andrew or Tom, as it's the administrators that create the boards, not the moderators. Regardless, I'm positive they'd say no to the request - a clean up of the forums took place not long ago, with us in Coldstone listed under 'Older Games.' I can't see them creating another forum within here, especially with this forum not incredibly active, as is.

I could create a pinned 'recruitment' topic where you could place help requests - but I must say that, as of this moment, not that many people are that active on this board. Using email or private messaging would be the best way to try to gain yourself assistance in game creation.