Slow attacking

Hi everybody,

Not much posts here nowadays, but here is a little question from me.

As far as I know, one round in the game is two seconds long. A spell which has a duration of 30 would therefore last one minute (correct me if I'm wrong).

Now, would it be possible to give the player only one attack per two seconds (two if hasted)?
I know I could do this by simply adding a lot of frames to the animation, but then the character would be unable to move for the rest of the round (I don't want it to be that turnbased). Or, he could have one attack per second (two attacks per round) and therefore have four per round if hasted.

I don't want him teleported to a different map.

Is this possible at all?

Thank you in advance (if anyone still checks this forum)!

I think that the speed of attack lasts as long as it's determined in the NPC window. (Man, I wish I had Coldstone on this computer, but can't.) Anyway, in the NPC window, not the first one, but there's an "attack delay" under one of the tabs. 1000 = 1 second. You change it to 10 and that puppy really moves when attacking. Make it 2000 and it's pretty slow. Anyway, fool around with that and see what happens.

I probably don't understand your question, in which case I apologize!

Well, what I meant was if there is a way to make the player's character attack only once per round. In which case the player would click on a hostile character, his own character attacks it and then, no matter what he does, he can't attack the creature again until the next round. As rounds are so short, this won't be very frustrating but it will make it less fast-paced. He can still defend, though.

I think the easy way would be to just make a bunch of extra frames on the end of your attack animation. But then you wouldn't be able to block... I'm sure you could make this game the way you want, but it would take a frightening amount of scripts to do it.